Will.I.Am Presents Its Accessories I.Am + for IPhone, Promise to Improve The Camera

As you advance, Will.i.am, best known for his work in the group Black Eyed Peas, is delighted with his forays into the world of technology. Land where intends to move in the next few years, after having premiered i.am +, a line of accessories that make the iPhone handsets, a supposedly more capable camera.

Aside from quality and possibilities, accessories turn phones into something more appropriate to the style of its creator, without entering personal tastes, you can try on your own with the images that accompany the news. So far have presented several models or covers distinct:

  • C.4 foto.sosho It is the most basic model, which includes flash and three interchangeable lenses (normal, macro, Fisheye). The colorful, white with Golden details, or black. The price, about 240 euros, available in the United Kingdom on 6 December.
  • foto.sosho V.4, It is presented with a look vintage and the inclusion of a sliding QWERTY keyboard (backlit), that communicates via Bluetooth with the phone. Its price, 370 euros to change, also on December 6.
  • foto.sosho V.5 and L.5 (with QWERTY keyboard) will be available the year coming, and as you can guess by the name, are the accessories designed for the iPhone 5. On this occasion opens a module 14-megapixel that has the difficult task of replace the serial.

All of them are committed to add a grip-style conventional camera, for a better grip. They also add supports for belts, and filters and editing applications developed for the occasion. About the price, seem me too expensive, logically will have their market.

Behind this new business, Will.i.am isn’t only, accompanying the former CEO of Fusion Garage, Chandra Rathakrishnan, who will be the same post in the adventure. We remind you that the musician is currently the Director of creative innovation in Intel.

Few sources have had access to attachments, so we took the opportunity to share contact in video of the people of Engadget, and images courtesy of The Telegraph: