#Where is rocco – the Search for the Goggles Model from the 60s

We know: the Cat Eye stands for the 50s and the spherical lenses to Lennon-style for the hippiesken 70s – but what happened glasses technically actually in between? In the 60s, the frame could be not thick enough, the triumph of Horn took its course and above all a certain German fire was involved at the time properly in the eyewear biz: Rodenstock. Sure everybody heard. As we are now but at all on it? We are indeed again in search of new frames. Yes, really. Nike loves her filigree grandmother model although idolatrous, but the whole thing seems really stable. Sit on slip constantly by the nose, and every time it is no better. ERGO: We need a second pair of glasses for the wild life stages. So back to Rodenstock, or rather: rocco.

in 1963, rocco was on every tender little nose, and also on handsome nose. You had to do it, which was difficult to see finally with pure quality craftsmanship in the form of a pretty distinctive Horn version: once discovered, forever recognized. The German glasses manufacture Rodenstock thus belonged to the first League of the species of glasses, designed a cult object and drew himself to eager fans. Mr. Ronald Reagan’s love even went so far, that he had several ways to produce his desired model – you never know what will happen yet. And as he knew it: at some point, layer in the shaft was finally and the once beloved rocco disappeared into oblivion.

Rodenstock focused more on classic characteristic models all tendencies to the contrary and devoted to their sophisticated techniques while the Golden moments of rocco slowly blurred in the blurry past. And now?

Today original vintage models from the past few days have become quite rare, hard to find or disproportionately expensive. And well, the ubiquitous hipster glasses hype along with daily discussion on them, has not done well the image of the more massive frames a long time. We find: this is but now once and for all time final, be worn may what you like. Chrissakes, finally! Remains only to clarify a question: where was rocco all the time?

Rodenstock has so far apparently from afar looked at the Horn eyewear trend and secretly planned a comeback that could catch just the right time after the flattening hipster excitement. The foxes. Rocco is back – and we are called upon to go together with Rodenstock via Facebook and Instagram traces and to find out where is rocco actually the whole time has been, and how the former cult model presents itself at all.

Under the motto #where is rocco searches the Horn-rimmed glasses of the 60s Rodenstock with you and calling you also to clarify the puzzle to Rocco’s mysterious disappearance. The rocco character, the yellow circle, hidden in images of various social media channels and you can join the tracks reading and become part of the #where is rocco campaign.

We must tell ever one of you at this point: our and your search will be rewarded very soon. Promised.

There is more information to join here.

In cooperation with Rodenstock.