Welcome to the Luxurious Nammu Brand: Fall-Winter Season 2016/2017

We always try to inform you about all the latest trends and ideas, so that each one of our posts illustrates a certain idea and a clear message, all this generates a new and unique work of art.And who creates the jewelry?Certainly, the designers, that is why in the pages of our blog you can always find stories of the most famous brands in the world, even the youngest talents.And, of course, we can not pass up this opportunity to inform you about a luxurious brand, which is sure to win your heart.So today the story will be about the Nammu brand.

The name, the spirit and the style:

The same name of the brand carries a certain message and meaning. The name Nammu has its origins in Mesopotamian mythology. According to the texts of the time, Nammu was the goddess who created the world .He also created the gods An (sky) and Ki (earth).And those gods created the rest of the gods.The gods realized that there was a lot of work to do on earth, to extract minerals.Then they created the human being to serve them, and to draw gold out of the mines.

Perhaps this story played the role for the creation of Nammu jewelry catalogs .In the categories of the brand you will find jewelry with features of the earth symbol: amber and birch bark .These ornaments are carrying a secret from the universe;A spirit of all creatures of the earth alive.And, of course, here you will also find jewelry with gold plating.

And, as I always do, I will tell you about what will be trend in autumn-winter 2016. I just want to point out that buying jewelry made with materials like lapis lazuli or amber will not only give you style and beauty. But it also gives you the opportunity to improve your health and mood.

  1. Jewelry made with Swarovski® crystals:

Silver jewelry inlaid with colored or transparent crystals, is one of the latest major trends that are very fashionable. Such jewelry is worth wearing with a day dress or an evening gown. The Nammu luxury brand offers us elegant necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings for this season.

Rings in retro and vintage styles, are going to be very popular. And, of course, the Nammu store already gives us some options! These two rings are representatives of different period styles .Both designs have gold plating and emerald green Swarovski crystals.You should wear this trim very carefully, because the left ring is suitable for an evening dress, and the right ring is perfect for a steampunk costume.

  1. Quality lapis lazuli:

Nammu has something new to offer us, and most importantly, the boho jewelry of this brand is not made of metal, crystals or turquoise. Nammu departs from the traditional style and offers a new perspective: boho jewelry made with lapis lazuli.

Nammu’s lapis lazuli jewelry is made with authentic lapis lazuli beads from Afghanistan.Such stones are not only distinguished by their incredible color, but also by their uniform of pyrite patches.

  1. Jewelry with natural amber:

Beautiful amber threads were described in hundreds of books, so it is no wonder that girls of all ages prefer to have some amber necklace in their coffers. And Nammu gives us this opportunity. And I advise you to pay attention to the variety of colors of this stone .Today, our main goal is to go against tradition.

Nammu is a company dedicated to international trade and online sales. They have offices in Barcelona, ​​Spain. And its objective is that you can enjoy the same prices as if you bought directly in the best mining areas of the world. For this they locate the best materials in the international mining zones, collaborating with artisans to offer a finished product of quality.