Twelve Bikes to The to The Technology and The Design Makes It Very Desirable

If we combine the desire to return to the bicycle to the trend of making more “smart” everything we have around our life, the result is that bicycles are evolving in a less surprising way.

Not only some major brands are betting on this technology, there are also many individual innovations that are committed to creating bicycles that are connected to the Internet, or with lights and sensors to support our driving. Today look them to 12 bikes which technology and design is very desirable.

Vanmoof 10 Electrified

Our first protagonist of today is the Vanmoof 10 Electrified, a bicycle with a sober design and has all the earmarks of being completely analog. If you are here is obviously is not so: Vanmoof 10 Electrified has of Built-in GPS, both to help the driver to find the bike in case of theft, as well as a 250-watt motor of support that gives you that ‘Electrified’ surname, with autonomy of between 30 and 60 kilometers. Bad, as usual today, is its price: 1.998 euros, available in pre-sale on its official page.

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Ford Super Cruiser

Ford It is perhaps one of the brands that best is moving in implementing innovation in vehicles, and the American manufacturer has decided that a part of their new products will be electric bicycles. His is the Ford Super Cruiser, developed in collaboration with tolerance (company dedicated to the creation of the electrical part), and has a design that will remind us to the first years of Ford as automobile manufacturer, back in the 20th century. A bike flirtatious with 600 watts and engine speed limited to 32 kilometers to the hour, with a range of 48 km, Shimano Acera changes and disc brakes. If one want to prepare the 2,625 euros which costs.

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Matra Elle

I love this. Hints for a bike of ivory raspberry created by Matra together with Elle magazine. The result is the Matra Elle, an electric bike aimed at the female sector that has an engine of 250 Watts and seven-speed automatic transmission. Is already on sale in France by 2.199 euros, but with a version without the electric part available for 1,299 euros.

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VeloMini III

The VeloMini III It can be considered a bicycle, although you may have quickly seen that its size is significantly less than what we are accustomed. We can define it as a folding bike uses a 180 Watt motor to allow speeds of up to 20 km/h without effort from the user. Best of all? It is foldable and can be transported easily. Worst? That price, though not excessive, is rather high: 960 EUR current change, for sale in United States.

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Stromer ST2

It is the turn of the Stromer ST2, one of the most advanced of which we today. Not only is powerful (motor 500W), if not that also features of mobile connectivity and Bluetooth to communicate with the user. Using a smartphone you can manage certain parameters of the bike (power or engine, performance status, event log) or even to monitor your position, which of course will allow us to block it in case of theft. And Yes, it has firmware that can also be upgraded. The result is one of the most interesting connected bikes that exist, Although also one of the most expensive since its price starts at 5,800 euros

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Cross X

Cross X It’s a bike conceived more in particular professional use. A bike for first aid with electric motor and, therefore, also a battery that is removable and can serve as support to the electronic machinery, the doctor may need. It’s a concept of Mithun Darji still in the design phase, with what is unknown its price, possible availability or definitive characteristics.

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GI Bike

Nothing to do with the Gi Joe, if not something quite different. GI Bike It is one of those folding bikes that opt for a great design, with an aesthetic that we can remind the classic cycles and a 250-watt electric motor to achieve the maximum 25 km/h. Another of the most curious features are a set of lights on the wheels to GI Bike position in a nightlife, as well as the ability to exchange information with a smartphone if we connect it via USB cable. Come on, another bike connected and pretty, but in the process of funding on Kickstarter where promise to put it on sale by $3,000

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Peugeot AE21

Ford, about which we have already spoken, is not only one of the major brands stuck in this bike. You will also find French Peugeot AE21, Another electric small with 250 watt motor and has as special feature small dimensions, which allow folding it and transport it easily. It has various accessories and priced starting from 1,799 euros for sale in Spain.

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Little Italy!

Modern, adapted to the new times. Little Italy! It is very different from everything that we have been reviewing today, since in addition to aesthetics, you want to offer a good quality. There is a very limited set decorated with the flag of Italy, after which there will be other colors because of 1,599 euros each. There are certain elements of leather (seat, cover for battery, fists), LED headlamps and puncture free wheels, all accompanied by a 250-watt motor for such assistance to the pedaling fashionable lately.

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BMW Cruise e-Bike

Another electric bike from a large manufacturer is the BMW Cruise e-Bike, the German technology is placed on a body of court more sporting than many others. Electric, how not with 400-watt motor and a surprising range of 100 km, the highest in the market. Last level with a promoted price components of 2,330 euros taking advantage of its upcoming release.

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BH is a classic brand, clasiquisima in the bike world, and of course couldn’t stop side the new fashion for electrics. Two families of these products, known as they have in your catalog NEO BH and BH EVO. The sportier first and second within that category of ‘bike ride’, more urban and informal. BH is selling plenty of models with different characteristics and several prices, all with electric motor included for pedalling assistance.