Do Things by Half – or: off-Shoulder & Mules for the Summer 2014

The thing with the trends beyond compare is a maze game. There are tens currents run in parallel, once beloved styles be replaced again after recently pop or long spurned No. go’s are once again terribly hip. The list could continue endlessly so – and would bring no light in the dark. Why which just coasts one or another trend, you can answer only, if we look at developments, closer to chest to listen or look or us opinion makers.

While we currently so just look around in multiple directions, there are two very obvious trend pieces that want to compete for our favor now: off-shoulder tops and mules aka “is half of the summer”. Ready?

While I myself with the current shoe models, rather with the mules (elsewhere hot desires) – the obvious development of the slippers – yet so difficult to do and my battered heels have earned arguably do not pay attention, I’ll probably soon the off-shoulder tops but give time a chance.

At ASOs , there also is an airy model and the wedges-Pantolette caught you at top shop. Personally, I think Yes, mules sounds somehow too much better than Mule, or?

Off shoulder:

Nike is a fan of Carmen tops long, I’ve decorated with me so far, however. The reason: Too feminine and playful for my taste and: too uncomfortable. Hide the bra straps? -No. Transparent plastic carrier from the 90s out dig? -UM, no. Strapless? -Also not.

The ladies in the Lookbook simply waive the supports giving security and give us clear view on their clavicles. Yes, looks good, for me but unfortunately does not come into question. The solution? -It looks so far. Going out flashing carrier but again destroy the look, or?

The best looks in any case, waiting, in my opinion, in stories .