Small Copenhagen Basics – Hello Copenhagen, Where He Producerat Beautiful!

Thank Copenhagen – and thank you treasure for a few days break with friends at my side. Thanks for that, that we have still not met, you kept but always exciting to you it, to grab me in the correct minutes!

And there I was at the airport in Copenhagen. Without some preparation, without the plan and only a booking confirmation for a hotel room – without anything so. Because after all it was also precisely: to have, to think of nothing, and just to make a break. Berlin is exhausting after a certain point like that and not to lose the love of the city, you must flirt at also time alien. Be allowed!

So much but saying: there are three things that have cut down in Copenhagen from the socks: the finest food, countless great shopping opportunities, warm and open talks and all in a beautiful city. A dream.

I’m a little in love with? Yes, it’s me! “City crush” or as Scalamari Jane has found in New York : the first time is something damn special!
“Let me still just fast adult will be love Copenhagen, ripe in your head firmly in life and I come back and yes maybe I then also want to stay!”

What was going on there, I tell you in my small Copenhagen multiplication table with all shopping tips (a small updates on Sarah Jane’s shopping smorgasbord), focal points for potential dream meal and a few cultural marvels and what else I have encountered:

#1 – where to sleep?
Preferably in the SP34. Because even if you’re all day long but most of the time on the road, you want to have beautiful. Happy fall in bed the next morning relaxed to wake up and start into a new day with fine breakfast. You will find all of this in the new design hotel SP34. The Annie Jane hotel check is officially passed:

Where out I throw #2 – at best my notes to the window?
The first day is for me as the day of shopping verschrie’ n. Hurts – in the legs and usually also in the wallet, but one has nothing else. My favorite: Dear, wonderful Stine Goya Store, I have found not only my new favorite favorite shoes but me immediately in the favorite sellers in love, that I have met since a long time.

And I couldn’t let it – she must and for more worry about glitter in Berlin.

Of course, always a visit: the Acne Store and the archive even if it is each time to hair fighting.

Also in the wood wood Museum it is worth to look over. In addition to Jaquemus, carving, Calvin Klein, there are also great treasures of common projects.

A small new cover for me was not only the store Another Nué, but also the label Lovechild.

NA and second due to hand and vintage shops are now long ragged. The 70s are back and here I have found a lot, above all but finally once again a good amount of color. Here you will find Copenhagen around the Norrebrogade, 2200 a lot!

BB´s to Damernes Magasingoes, there’s finest by Ganni, won hundred and also Stine Goya once again are particles.

After a short detour at By Marlene Birger and another small shopping success, to Henrik Vibskovwas, always nice, then to devote a theme, in which are Danes professionals.

#3 in furniture design. What immediately comes to mind HAY. The store in Copenhagen to rotate through.

Also the concept store of Bolia can beat Furniture heart. Oh, but the account would be endless and the world a bowl of cherries. A smaller selection of Danish classics and therefore a bit less seduction can be found at Nordicnesting.

Interim conclusion: The town with all its shops and hidden corners is somehow sympathetic me. In some corners, it reminds me a little bit on the Kreuzberg Berlin, with small book stores, restaurants, and stores.In particular the area around wood wood and Stine Goya – here you can discover again and again. An area in the 7elevens have no chance against kiosk and vegetable shops, second again to have sense stores seem hand and alongside new conquer my heart also old furniture shops in the storm!

#4 – purse frustration must be drowned and regularly recharged energy with a good meal – just where?
After a long first day, then not only my feet after break, but also my head screaming. Miracles are wrought by what already knew Grandma and MOM love confirmed – a glass of wine. And then: started from the bottle now we’re here – cheers Vin fra Hanen! …und of the cat becomes aware during the drinking.

What may of course missing a city trip to any of the days is next to a glass of wine, good food. I’m short BB´s: porridge lovers should look at the Grød .

It is also the area around the small breakfast shops full of fine details and a fine bakery, like the Meyers Bageri. Result of my evening meal looked then even so, upsi.

One of your days in Copenhagen you should visit in any case in the Atelier September over, not only the local team is great, the food and especially the coffee are incredibly awesome. If you ask me, since you have to out.

A dream of food and at the same time a dream restaurant – Ciao Realitity. Hi miracle forest – can be found in the Hall in Copenhagen. Taste explosion included. A burning Rosemary branch is located next to the fish and the goat cheese is wrapped in onion ash, sounds unnecessarily? No, it’s fantastic. Lick it out even to the shells, I let persuade me.

Into the monument go who traditionally likes it, and should include in Copenhagen just fish. A little hip, because in the Meatpacking District, but now. Just but also somehow especially pretty and tasty! Because it was so so good, I’ve cheated me simply just in the kitchen. Great team and excellent food!

A small digestive liquor you can by the way then just around the corner in the Jolene bar pick up and a round dance.

Then yet more time and inclination who can quickly on a small but fine marketthat is similar to in the Berlin market hall 9, try the hangover from the previous day to destroy and equal a few calories as souvenirs to take home.

#5 What is never missing, is also a bit of culture. What kind of culture idiots:
Who brings a bit of time, should sit in the train, enjoy a half-hour train ride and the nature and to watch one of the most famous museums in Denmark, the Louisiana. What permanently with a wonderful sculpture park convinced and currently with many wonderful exhibition, such as Jeff Wall, Paula Modersohn-Becker or Richard inspires moose.

Who’s rather small and exclusive would have, if the temporary project in the Nicolaj Kunsthalle look with great works by Stan Douglas.

Finally I did it then to go to the library in the center of Copenhagen. Here you can take time to browse in magazines that are an eye-catcher in the fashion sector. Much understand or read can you not (if one speaks no Danish), but in this case, the inspiring images range exceptionally well.

Tadaaaa – that was probably a one time ten, instead of a Copenhagen multiplication tables. But that’s just the city breaks. Since you fled the stress of everyday life and ends up faster than you think in recreational stress.

But as you can see on the pictures, there is at Copenhagen, nothing, nothing to complain about but also quite us.

My favourite souvenirs from Copenhagen, in addition to the whole calorie creatures, is now my absolute favorite outfit at the end!

Hey-hey, Copenhagen and see you very soon! But only now, time casual and relaxed back to Berlin. < 3

And if you have tips? Bring it, because the last visit, was certainly not!