Thirteen Rare, Rare, Rare Hotels Ever Tea’d There (And That You Can’t Miss)

The corner of the world more special can be even more If you stay at one of the hotels that we present to you below. An exquisite selection of accommodations in the most special. For those holiday never forget. Ever. Promised. Little word.

1.-hotel Mountain magic. Chile

Output of another world in this unique hotel experience, mountain-shaped and with a cascade of impressive through its facade, located in the impressive Huilo Huilo biological reserve, in the middle of the cordillera de los Andes. Nine rooms overlooking one of the most magical landscapes on the planet.

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2. Hotel Inntel Zaandam. Amsterdam

It is impossible to not fall for its Green facade, inspired by the style of the traditional houses of the Zaan region. It consists of up to seventy typical stacked houses in the area. And inside we found rooms dressed with samples of the rich local history and Dutch scenes. A fairytale hotel.

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3 Sun Cruise Resort. Donghae, South Korea.

The perfect place to live a holiday at sea… If you suffer from dizziness. The first docked luxury liner a hill overlooking the sea of the East offers you all the advantages of a cruise ship, but no reason to make you fall overboard. A complex shaped boat with swimming pool, restaurant, free Wi-Fi,…

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4 Free Spirit Spheres. Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

You feel as if you were visiting the village of Ewoks or sleeping in a tree house with which they dreamed in your childhood. A accommodation suspended among the towering trees of the forest of Vancouver Island, in Canada. An experience for adults only, because the hotel does not accept guests under 16. Original habitats, like spheres suspended in the air, hanging from the trees creating a magical space to make the most of nature.

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5.-Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

If you’re one of the lucky ones who Conrad Maldives can stay at the hotel you can enjoy enjoy a stay in the Indian Ocean, because the hotel enters up to 500 meters into the water space. And all this without losing one iota of luxury. The best? The spectacular journey from Malé International Airport Hulhule Island.

6. the La Balade des Gnomes. Durbuy, Belgium

Everything you can imagine is real. Or, at least, that says the slogan of this crazy, crazy hotel located a city of beautiful cobbled streets and charming shops. Stay at La Balade des Gnomes is as Immerse yourself in a fairy tale a tad extravagant, as those who come from the mind of Tim Burton.

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7 hotel Costa Verde. Costa Rica

Is it a hotel? Is it a plane? No, It is a hotel built on an old Boeing 727 belonging to the South Africa Air company. Located in the forest adjacent to the coast and the Manuel Antonio National Park with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, this hotel is the perfect excuse for a holiday adventure.

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8.-l’Elkep Evi Cave. Ürgüp, Turkey

Also known as the hotel Troglodyte because each of its rooms is excavated in a rock, as if it were a cave in a Karst environment. But living in a cave does not mean giving up everything you need to ensure a pleasant stay to guests. The location of the hotel guarantees the views and almost all rooms have a small balcony independent

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9. Wigwam Motel. Holbrook, Arizona

If you are traveling along the famous route 66 in the United States you can live the experience of spending the night in an authentic tipi (teepee) Indian and surrounded by vintage style cars. Yes, a little crazy, but it’s an experience unique and most picturesque.

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10 Hotel Otter

In the middle of Lake Mälaren near Stockholm, we can find a small building that hardly seems a House of a striking eye color. Does not seem very impressive but It has a secret and is that inside there is a room under water. To get all you need is a little boat. A vacation far from all over the world, although it is actually reassuring to know that the staff is just a phone call.

11.-Spitbank Fort. Portsmouth, England

A hotel that boasts not only its privileged location in the middle of the sea, but also of having your own ghost. Without a doubt, an enclave of wonderful to spend a few days or to organize a most unique event.

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12.-Ariau Amazon Towers

An impressive hotel built in the Brazilian Amazon jungle, in the Parque Natural of Rio Negro, 60 kilometers from Manaus. Become a true Queen of the jungle in one of the floating rooms.

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13 Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort. Huzhou, China

A donut shape hotel, but more suited to lovers of architecture than for the sweets. As if this were not already in itself surprising, this hotel He has been awarded with four stars and a half, What we don’t have very clear what means in reality, but if you can get to the idea that we are one of the enclaves of the world most amazing holiday.

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