The Question of The Week: Do You like Decoration Vintage or Prefer to Buy New Furniture?

The term vintage It is one of the most oft-repeated, for a few years, in the world of decoration. It is referred to the furniture and to the decorative objects, usually of quality, presenting certain age (therefore “second hand”) and that printed decoration all the uniqueness and personality of the authentic pieces and little views. His followers are legion, but so are those who do not put in their homes nothing old or used, and only opt for new furniture. In Decoesfera We’d like to know if you are the first or the second. So, as every Wednesday, our question of the week ES:

Do you like vintage decoration or prefer to buy new furniture?

The originality and personality of the? furniture vintage or the safe bet of the new furniture, a brand new? All publishers of Decoesfera love to know your opinion and receive your comments, so we encourage you to participate in Decoesfera answers: do you like vintage decoration or prefer to buy new furniture? Next week we will share with you the most valued responses.

The question of the week: as bedside table, would prefer the classic or something original?

Last week I wondered if, as bedside table, to the sides of the bed, choose innovation, with unusual objects, such as suitcases, trunks, etc., or, on the contrary, prefer to put the typical tables identical, matching headboard. There have been quite a few answers, but please remember that site to answer is not on the right side, where he says, ‘Comments’, but in Decoesfera replies. The most rated comment It has been that of rolf, who believed the following:

I prefer classical music, because when we say something original is a Chair or a stack of boxes or something like that and I want something practical where to drop off books, alarm clock and flexo. I also say that if there are two tables in the room will never be the same.

Don’t answer the question from this week, and don’t forget that you can send us all your questions section Decoesfera replies. We will see the next Wednesday with another new question!