The NES Classic Sold in 16 Days What The Wii U Sold in 6 Months: Nostalgia Works

A study by the NPD Group has allowed to know the data of preliminary sale Console NES Classic Edition in the United States since it was on sale, and the findings are so striking as strong.

In the 16 days of the NES Classic Edition is available It has sold 220,000 units, It is practically the same number of units of the Wii U sold in the six-month period that has gone from April to September. The classic eighties have conquered the world.

The fever for old consoles is renewed

Such sales could however have been even greater: Nintendo has not been able to produce enough units to meet demand., and actually get one of these small consoles is still a challenge for who is looking for them as the perfect Christmas gift.

The phenomenon of the NES Classic was also clear in searches on the internet: Google made it clear in his report of terms most wanted segment this year. This console was the most searched over these 12 months in its search engine, which has further increased the “virality” of a device that return the charm of 8-bit games in a format that is especially attractive for price and performance, although other solutions offer an alternative way to enjoy the Vintage computing.

That has made that other competitors have also be take advantage of the resource of nostalgia to boost sales of its old products, but has enabled us to discover in addition as lovers of these consoles of the past also continue to create games for them.