The Large Jw Review 2013. on the Road with the Janes

Even if we now hear, like old women. So it is: it’s just unbelievable how quickly moved us past this year. Only 20 days we count only until the turn of the year, 20 days, in which fortunately slower going to us than in the remaining 345. 2013 in retrospect seen was an incredibly exciting and emotional year. One full of changes, little changes, small setbacks and unexpected successes. To switch down a Hall so even at this point, to stay and to look back, reflect, and again consciously perceive the experienced, follow in the coming days a wide variety of reviews – the best sale shopping on the personalized text to favorite outfits. For us, for you.

And what do we just today? With incredible journeys: to New York City, in the Switzerland, over to Florence and then to Cannes. Anywhere for you: our camera. And once again it says: thank you for everything, your loved ones. Without you, it would be not possible < 3

In February, according to Paris < 3

Hach, Paris. You beautiful thing. Nike was equal at the beginning of the year thanks to a press trip with Peugeot in the French capital and in love at Belleville. What they there all with her camera before the nose got you read here .

In April after Barcelona < 3

And again I had to cancel due to time reasons. Where did it go Jane for Nike? After Barcelona. More precisely, In the boot camp by Nike – where sports were on the program: 2 full days. What she saw… There is here .

In may after Zurich < 3

Hach, just a beautiful city: Zurich! And the purpose of our trip? The MCM opening in the charming town of Lake Zurich. After a long absence a delightful little shop of the former before showing labels from Munich there is in the heart of the city is again. It was beautiful < 3

Luggage chaos in may

From Zurich to New York and Cannes from Munich to Berlin. All combined in one trip. Suitcase chaosdeluxe. How to connect all the best? Combining like crazy. Nike Jane has tried it.

New York in may < 3

And then it went off. While I had to once again say, Nike launched its small travel Marathon in New York Jane and we looked all pretty jealous at their images. The purpose of the trip? Volkswagen and the MoMA New York invited to the Expo 1: – a festival with a school, a movie theater, a colony, a geodesic dome, the rain room and various exhibitions. There are more here

Mykonos may < 3

OK, and why wasn’t I? I flew to Mykonos. Yes, I have a knack for good timing and flew into my smallannual leave. 5 days of Greece in the most beautiful hotel of all time – the San Giorgio Mykonos < 3 and the best? Two of you were allowed to also back!

In may after Cannes < 3

Meanwhile: Nike in Cannes! The purpose of the trip? Magnum brought kisses campaign of not just Wim Wenders in the boat, but also the beautiful Liv tailor for the 5. The result? “A short film about kissing”. And very many Cannes Einsdrücke and outfits by Nike.

In June after Florence < 3

The first time Italy! At least for me. The reason of our trips? The online store of Luisa via Roma invited to the annual blogger get-together aka Firenze4Ever and were among the 30 invited. A few snapshots, a few outfits from Nike and me and big F4E-Styling – shot by the best of Isabelle. 4 incredibly beautiful days in Florence.

In June returned to Zurich < 3

And it went back to Zurich and back MCM was fault. One or other will know: 2011 we also work for the bag manufacturer-star of the 80s. And if the asks, we say of course no: 5 spots in Zurich – we have browsed them. With the Craig & Karl collaboration in luggage, of course.

In July at the melt!

Summertime is Festival time and also our heart beats for the melt. Between warm sunshine, good music and heart people, Nike was however above all one: very pretty tired. The first idea to the “we are old” poppten on. Jaja.

With diesel to Trieste – July < 3

And again Italy! I tell you what: I’m in love. So much so that next year is a two-week holiday through Italy. So! But back in July! There went to Trieste – namely to the international talent support 2013혼다 And the impressed not only by incredible creative designs, but also by a rather charming hosts and the bestTravel companion at all: Dear Mohammed thanks for 3 wonderful days, < 3

In August to the Copenhagen fashion week < 3

We love love love the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Why why why? Because our favorite designers there, because a whole cute looks and because it is nowhere else as pretty calm and quiet.Hach < 3 an interview with Stine Goya and g had I in the luggage, beautiful people and even more impressions !

In September after Frankfurt – diesel Re-opening…

… and the most impressive dinner at all, the most beautiful hotel since always and the funniest dinner partner Fabian hard. A few snapshots compliant? We have!

In September to New York – part 2 < 3

New York, NY – the second flap. Desigual was invited to New York Fashion Week and Nike drove Jane for 5 days in the city that never sleeps and a surprise every time anew. Nike Jane has the us that comes what’s best of all all you can: an honest article with a lot of heart < 3 and of course the one or the otheroutfit.

In September London – for the fashion week with Topshop < 3

Well, it was just a day trip, but even can not be saved from here, or? Nike was backstage at Topshop unique, saw Kate and co and conjured up the first Diamonds look of autumn.

In October to Zakaria in the Switzerland < 3

3 times Switzerland in a year–this is an absolute record. From Zurich, it went further with the bus and three hours through the mountains, countless tunnels and most beautiful lakes over until we came to the desired destination arrived at: Lago Maggiore – or shall we say: in the home of Zakaria. There, I looked to me a bit more and now know how difficult it is to make underwear. Beloved Corinna thanks for the great insight, < 3

Majorca in October < 3

HOLIDAYS for the second Jane! And he was sorely needed. For 7 days no Internet, no E-mail and no must-have. Reduce slopes and aggression. But read for yourself .

In November after Paris < 3

And to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and at all. Purpose of trip? Comptoir des Cotonniers invited to the press days and we were able to get to know the designer behind the brand even personally. And was followed by a short weekend trip through Paris – however ruled there camera ban. Look a bit without share must be non finally even in there? For your Tips – you have made my trip in any case one of the most beautiful thankyou.

In November after Antwerp < 3

Hach, Antwerp. You’re beautiful! Quite seriously: If I could, I would no more somewhere else go shopping. Really true. After we on the Eastpak artist Studio exhibition were allowed to celebrate, was it the next day still through the city centre – and that with everything waits: the designer sizes on all conceivable chains to small Vintage dreams. Everything included!

And in December?

It is only in the home < 3

Thanks for you great year < 3 and thank you for it with-doing-be it and make possible. And you, this all would have happened!