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Poster with Tansfer

One of my favorite decorative elements are certainly cartels. I guess that already you have noticed you lol. I love them for anywhere in the home, I don’t know what will have those tables with messages, but really that would put them everywhere.

Rockabilly Label Stories – Fernwood Records

For a short time in the 50s was Memphis , one of the most exciting places for young rock fans. The commercial successes that celebrated the Sun Studio with artists such as Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, inspired many an others to imitate it to Sam Phillips, and to start a label. Among them was slim Wallace, • Read More »

Wigs & Hairpieces – Material, Color, Sales Advisor

Wigs and hair pieces are great, a different hair color, or to quickly create for a party or a special event a glamorous, witty or otherwise unusual hairstyle to try out hair length or hairstyle. I summarize here quite a lot of information that can help you better with the wrong hair to cope and maybe • Read More »

Pin Up Queens Part 7: Lana Turner – The "Sweater Girl"

Mildred Frances Turner in Wallace, Idaho, was born on 8 February, 1921 as Julia Jean and Lana Turner died in Los Angeles on June 29, 1995. She was a famous U.S. film actress and a saucy pin up girl of the rockin’ 50s. Today we want to imagine a closer the beautiful lady. Lana Turner Beginning Of • Read More »

Christmas DIY

For the challenge of December on the blog a bit of everything, the theme proposed by winner for the month of November, which was Anna,has been “Christmas DIY”. A DIY Christmas, as it could not be otherwise in these dates.

Simulate the Perfect Environment for Your Furniture

One of the best things that has internet is the multitude of options that you can find by the network, and to us fans all the vintage although we like the old, are well addicted to progress and everything that can offer us the online world. For example, a tool primarily useful and fun that • Read More »

Anni ‘ 80: Fashion Trends

High-waisted jeans, blouses with Ruffles, booties with stiletto heels: the years’ 80 returned and with them a tendency toward aggressive elegance and forms well highlighted. If the age of yuppies is forever gone, ostentation of wealth and opulence has become a distant echo: typical 80’s excesses are hard to return (Luckily, one might add) but something came up to the present day.

Marchesa Tea Dressed in Cocktail and Evening

Although the design of your web page does not convey the glamour of its vaporous cocktail and evening dresses, Marchesa is an international fashion firm that has gone through the red carpet many of her dresses.

Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (107)

Long week? Surely Yes. But finally came the weekend, and that means it is leisure time, have fun, to get guapos and enjoy friends, also rest. That is why in our lives with style never missing plans more interesting and chic of the moment. The weekend is perfect to enjoy a brunch and the Unique hotel Madrid next to Ramón • Read More »

The Grinch of Christmas May Be in Your Family. Discover It

You’re waiting for the holidays with illusion to get together with your loved ones, spend a few days with family and sing “The drummer” in two voices with your brother (while your father gives the zambomba), but There is always some relative who emperra in to spoil the party out there. We identify them and give you • Read More »

Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (91)

Finally reached the awaited weekend. It is the moment of enjoying of Moloney plans, more sophisticated markets and trendy restaurants. In our lives with style are recommendations to pass in the best possible way Today and tomorrow you can enjoy a whacked. The first edition of the Pop Up “Madrid Market NH Collection Eurobuilding” It will be a fusion of fashion • Read More »

The Emerging Brands from New York That You’Ll Hear Talk in Brief (I)

The Row, Chris Benz, Alice + Olivia. On 10 September, on the sixth day of the week of the fashion of New York, the week more intense of all by its multiple proposals, because we saw names recognized that Theyskens ’ Theory and Jil Sander Navy shone but and emerging talents? Or rather, those brands • Read More »

Louis Vuitton, Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

Women Louis Vuitton It is an elegant woman, life has dress brand, without giving the utmost importance. But in the Pre-Fall 2009 collection designed by Marc Jacobs play to be a bad girl who dresses in rags of his mother. He likes grooming, dressing older woman, but without losing the naivety or flirting.

The Week of The Fashion of Rio De Janeiro, The 16th to Street Fashion

The Rio de Janeiro fashion week (Fashion Rio) makes time that gained the attention of many important looks, not only already by the level of models parading on the catwalk, which then we see in several international renowned events, but also for their most attractive proposals and the situation of Brazil as a great power confirmed. The • Read More »

Top 10 Best Lamps

To buy a new lamp, it is an opportunity to enhance its interior in record time. Lamp iconic, graphic or new lighting, they each have a singular virtue. Our top 10 lamps to order from Santa or to offer! Why? Because…

Vintage and Modern in Decoration

Built in 1920 and located in the Silver Lake Hills, in Los Angeles, the style of this House is the so-called Spanish Colonial. The client, a young couple of businessmen, wanted a House that was easy and practice, both to receive friends, how to deal with a daily basis involving children and dogs-but that was • Read More »

Buddy Holly – The Day The Music Died

Many t the verse line “The Day the Music Died” from Don Mc Lean BB´s American Pie already once ardently sang along, have no idea what is meant by this day. Die-hard rock n´´roll fans know better. You connect to it February 3, 1959. On this day respectively in this night, Beechcraft bonanza 35 middle of a cornfield • Read More »

The History of Halloween

Soon he is back at the door, the scariest of all holidays: Halloween. And even though it has not directly something to do: many vintage pendant of love Halloween, and last but not least the rock’ n’roller and Rockabellas come up with the most creative costumes for the occasion. But what is actually behind this day of • Read More »