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Cars in the 80’s, Remember Them?

Then we will talk a little more about many of the cars in the 80’s, and with this we will not go in the criteria of a technical, several have been created in a genuine way from the 80’s decade, and others that are of previous decades, but that help write the history of the • Read More »

How to Dress for 80s Party

80 years fashion has always been much discussed but how to dress for an 80’s Party? This style has always been characterized by a melting pot of styles, contamin ation of genres, almost a universe where chaos reigns supreme. Very often, however, calls attention to itself and, especially in recent years, 80 years the me parties are popular. How to dress then to faithfully reproduce this time?

Reebok Vintage Sneakers

in 1983, Reebok launched the ex-O-fit. What two things have Jane Fonda and the Reebok “Ex-O-Fit” mean? Both spent much time in the aerobics studio in the 1980s and still considered to be style formative. Because it’s less successful women, as legendary Sneakermodelle here, we dedicate the ex-O-fit and do not illuminate his story from the clean • Read More »

Back To The 80’s Fashion

We asked everyone if the collections fall/winter 2009 – 2010 are back to 20 years ago, looks like this next season is a hymn to the years’ 80. Well Yes, that’s right, maybe old ones will certainly already realised, but autumn winter this year is the real great return of 80’s fashion. Luckily or unluckily, it depends on you. For those who lived them, is certainly a novelty but for who in the 1980s was a young girl will open wide the Windows of memories and if was so determined to keep some finds, may eventually take them out of mothballs and get ready to wear them. Besides the trick with the smoky eyes, boots that now named booties and lace stockings, fashion designers have proposed, revising them or using simply the fashion colors this year, other clothing typical of that period. A great emphasis was given to the cardigan or sweater long (does anybody remember what they called maxi sweater?). So soft, open and links related with the belt, or with the buttons or closed with deep V-necklines that slope up to mid thigh.