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Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is!

First… the word vintage comes from the English means something classic, antique. Anything is vintage when there’s a strong return to the past, that is, as if to imitate an earlier style that can be fashionable, decoration.. But anyway, we are talking about a mode of dress that retrieves the styles of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and • Read More »

Selling Vintage on Etsy

We Jens and Julia, we live in Berlin and sell antique jewelry and vintage accessories for the home in our shop We Like Vintage on Etsy. Julia’s parents own an antique shop. She practically grew up at garage sales and flea markets in and since her childhood, she imagines stories about these finds. Having lived in the United States, • Read More »

Vintage 1960s Fashion

End of years 50 and now begins a new decade with many changes in behavior, especially at the beginning of rock and roll and the unforgettable Elvis Presley, the greatest symbol of the years 60. The image of young people with leather jackets, cowlick and jeans on motorcycles and scooters that were considered an image • Read More »