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Pin Up Queens Part 7: Lana Turner – The "Sweater Girl"

Mildred Frances Turner in Wallace, Idaho, was born on 8 February, 1921 as Julia Jean and Lana Turner died in Los Angeles on June 29, 1995. She was a famous U.S. film actress and a saucy pin up girl of the rockin’ 50s. Today we want to imagine a closer the beautiful lady. Lana Turner Beginning Of • Read More »

How to Dress for 80s Party

80 years fashion has always been much discussed but how to dress for an 80’s Party? This style has always been characterized by a melting pot of styles, contamin ation of genres, almost a universe where chaos reigns supreme. Very often, however, calls attention to itself and, especially in recent years, 80 years the me parties are popular. How to dress then to faithfully reproduce this time?

Vintage Outfit with Jacket

Not long ago I’ve outed here as brand piggy me, is deliberately laying on the lookout. But sometimes I am surprised but still in the thrift. This year, the best vintage Snapper is probably the blue wool coat by Escada. Great cut, nice color and the blend of wool and cashmere, as well as the lining of silk, give me a • Read More »