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Simulate the Perfect Environment for Your Furniture

One of the best things that has internet is the multitude of options that you can find by the network, and to us fans all the vintage although we like the old, are well addicted to progress and everything that can offer us the online world. For example, a tool primarily useful and fun that • Read More »

The Leopold Square Flea Market

If you live in the wedding, then you can’t go past at the flea market in the Leopold Square. Every Saturday the square where the U 9 and the U 6 intersect, is populated by flea market stalls and is located in firm hand of the visitors. Even if the market size is manageable, one finds everything, what the heart desires and needs life there by antique • Read More »

The Question of The Week: Do You like Decoration Vintage or Prefer to Buy New Furniture?

The term vintage It is one of the most oft-repeated, for a few years, in the world of decoration. It is referred to the furniture and to the decorative objects, usually of quality, presenting certain age (therefore “second hand”) and that printed decoration all the uniqueness and personality of the authentic pieces and little views. His followers are legion, but • Read More »

Vintage and Modern in Decoration

Built in 1920 and located in the Silver Lake Hills, in Los Angeles, the style of this House is the so-called Spanish Colonial. The client, a young couple of businessmen, wanted a House that was easy and practice, both to receive friends, how to deal with a daily basis involving children and dogs-but that was • Read More »