Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is!

First… the word vintage comes from the English means something classic, antique. Anything is vintage when there’s a strong return to the past, that is, as if to imitate an earlier style that can be fashionable, decoration.. But anyway, we are talking about a mode of dress that retrieves the styles of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, and applies in clothing and footwear. Already retro is a remake of the old, that is vintage.

Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is! 1

Example of clothing from the vintage style are dresses and pieces of a print poa (polka dots). Mini skirts or short dresses with boots-long. Glasses style cat, and the round are also vintage.

Fashion “pin-up” of the 50s and 60s (profile of women’s classic and feminine but with air retro, seductive and naïve at the same time) is an example of “vintage fashion”.

Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is! 2

Many people adopt the vintage style, and turn a little of what is considered modern, in spite of the fashion always find something in there of behind making a reinterpretation of sophisticated and current with emphasis on volumes and silhouettes, some people prefer to actually follow the garment past the stripe.

And those who have never sought in the wardrobe of grandma something that came back to fashion… I’ve found a mini bag from Chanel, a dress mermaid type of 30 years ago, a midi skirt wonderful. I am really a fan of this style, especially the skirts of high waist.

Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is! 3

Let’s see some looks to inspire us to a style so feminine.

Two singers super fans in the style is Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.