Seen, in Love, Looking for: the Adidas Sneaker with Velcro Closure- Do You Have Tips?

It happens regularly that I dreamy in a café seats, right around does not even take my environment around me and barely manage to lead the coffee cup to the mouth. So yesterday. And so I dreamt me before me, looked clouded to the right and to the left and suddenly staring at. “AWW, the!” Like a madman I was looking for my phone, the above model afloat to hold, right after just this sneaker to ask for the PR Agency, hoping you could tell me where there’s now this adidas sneaker with Velcro® fastening. “Sorry, Sarah, they’re vintage.” My hunch was confirmed my virtual quest lands henceforth in infancy and now the sorrow is great. Cripes, why I the pretty wearer because not just asked where it because now here has the above model instead of merely to capture them?

Now you must help unfortunately ran and in the search for the Traumschuh: from material he should be dark blue also – and it must have the Velcro. Or I pulled to yesterday about a bad form of the taste of the arteries?

Who counts anyway, to the happy and wears a shoe size 35, which can also again find children models. There is namely en mass. My 37/38 length fits but even with much benevolence, not into it. Crap crap crap.

Hot tip of the Agency yesterday night still: search for “adidas comfort vintage”-OK, is made.