Retro Design and Electricity Go Hand in Hand in Cross Bikes

If you are interested in bikes and you like to have an electric model, but you have not found one that had a design especially careful – with some style in its lines and components-, I invite you to take a look at Cruz, the latest creation by the boys of Vintage Electric.

Rather than adapt an existing bike, either create a model with futuristic touches, designers have thought of creating something with air classic – retro – some say, that the integration of new elements not highlighted in the Assembly. The end result seems really attractive, and invites to go out with her when I have the batteries charged.

An electric bike with the design of a motorcycle from the middle of the last century. The combination is very attractive, price, high.

It is not a product that can sell in large quantities, their production is done in limited editions – initially created fifty units. Nor is it concerned an affordable vehicle, ask us for it $5,000.

In terms of applied technology, we have an electric motor that manages to carry the bike 58 kilometers per hour. There are also Shimano disc brakes which make “regenerative” technology that helps charge the battery – 620Wh-, which incidentally is loaded in a couple of hours. With it we can make trips of up to 48 km.

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The components found in the bike include battery aluminum coating, wood coatings, or lighting of generous dimensions. For that doubt, the wheels are of size 26 inch.

If you manage to get into the list of the Californian company, and have the money, you can choose between three colors: Fiesta Red, Aqua Blue/Green and Black/Brown tail. The best thing is that you know them in his video presentation: