Remembrance of The Birth of The Baby: a Foil Decorative Original Vintage

No doubt the day our son was born becomes a date special, indelible, memorable, and will surely like us remember it every day for the rest of our lives. Our memories are all emotions and, along with the photos, we can also realize a reminder of the birth of the baby in these beautiful vintage sheets for child room decorating.

It’s a personalized keepsake of original design of Sisters Baby, printed on textured paper of 200 grams, which can go with gold or silver frame. He can put the name of the child, date and place of birth and even, if we want it, the name of the popes, which also becomes a perfect gift for them.

There are five models different (your measurements are 20 x 30 cm), always with a touch that mixes “retro” and the modern: “Floralia”, with floral motifs; “Jungle lion”, which takes us to the jungle; “Life Aquatic”, at the bottom of the sea; “Savanna”, to Africa and its wildlife; “Robot & Cosmos”, with a lunar landscape…

In addition to the name and date of birth of the baby, can also add in the lamina weight and the height of the baby (Yes, those data which, to many, is forgotten with the passing of the months).

The memory of the birth of the baby blades are of HermanasBaby, they can be ordered online by customizing the product as you wish, and cost 24 euros. A few original designs to give a vintage touch to the room of the baby and a fabulous memory.