Reinventing The Bulb LED to Satisfy to The Nostalgic

LED bulbs are an exceptional advance in energy-saving, but your way has not been easy. The first lights of this type had a strange appearance and its light was too strong or too cold.

They say those who know market that it is not good idea to go against most deeply rooted traditions of the consumer. Following that maxim, Panasonic has created a model of ultra-low consumption LED bulb it mimics very convincingly to the traditional bulbs.

None of opaque or strange artifacts, new bulb from the Japanese is transparent and integrated LED where it was before the filament. Clavadita, ultimately, to the life.

With 40 times more and a five times less consumption than conventional to equal levels of brightness in Watts, these new classic bulbs will be available in Europe starting from April. Its price has not been detailed although it is expected to be not so vintage as your design.