Raffle & Shop Opening. 2 Outfits from “Buy Happy” (Including G & Pop Cph)

This time not long talk we pussyfooting around, but serve you right at the beginning of the most important news of the day: the rocket-strong team by buying you happy shopping paradise with secret weakness for Scandinavian designer parts (which remain affordable despite all Carlos), opened a new store – the third (and largest) in Berlin! And tomorrow – from 11: 00 it goes around in the Rosenthaler str. 17 , so much can write ever you her behind the ears.

Who just does not live in Berlin, celebrating or visited, which must be not sad nevertheless. First of all is still the online shop and secondly a few pretty good people hide behind buy happy with pretty big heart–provided two complete outfits for you available to us so that you get a piece of the pie. So: go and gewinnet either Sarah’s favorite outfit or mine! How?

  1. make a decision!Sarah Jane’s outfit or Nike Jane’s outfit?
  2. comments on this postand tell us for which outfit, your heart beats (& maybe even why!)
  3. become ourfriend.

Or: Highly personal look at the new shop starting tomorrow and is on-site at the raffle! It is namely so that the magic beautiful Jane Wayne Outfits also will adorn the showcase of new shops (tonight can you secretly spinzen, and from 18 h, including ice cream truck!)


And it will look like:

“A colorful mix of Scandinavian label for girls and boys, the in-house KDG collection, home – and living accessories, numerous design, vinyl and all sorts of beautiful things. Of course is provided with café corner and ice cream truck also refreshments!”

What: don’t forget: all about 12 years ago, with a mish-mash of vintage furniture shop and waffle Café in the Prenzlauer Berg started. Meanwhile, the snazzy idea of that time to a complete KDG Komsos has grown, where everything takes place, what makes happy heart and soul. Fashion, music, jewelry, furniture and Klimbim.

On February 28th get two Berlin stores in the Bohumín Street and the Avenue of chestnut trees so a still larger gain – so really what we like about in fits.
We will be there and hopefully also! Thumbs are down anyway.

In friendly cooperation with purchase you happy.