Citizens of Humanity -. by Bell-Bottoms, Skinnies & Boyfriend-Fit

Not so long ago, it was so: we celebrated a trend, eierten it all behind and only a little later pursuant our eyes to the next, waving flags. An industry however seems to be Unimpressed since a long time something: the denim Division. While perched without becoming tired still on a very high spot the Skinny Jeans, boyfriend, 5 Pocket, and last but not least our beloved blow pants are however equally on the heels. True to the motto “anything can, nothing must. Everything, everything you want to.”we celebrate long all the variety of pants cuts that now all parallel and provide for orderly disorder.

It is wearable rather longer than the a pants model and now we celebrate d’accord – all models at the same time like to. While the big denim companies have exactly this diversity unfortunately still not completely on the screen, Citizens of Humanity shows us today how well this works. Because in her Sommerlookbook you no longer just picks a model is and shows how great it looks exactly – citizens of humanity has it all: from the bib on the loose-fit version up to the skinny. All cuts are part – and all so perfectly that we us at all do not longer want to set.

We make up to hear the call of the denim brands through the screen: “take what you like, let’s never restrict you and feel in all probably.” And we share such a message very liked. If we’re wrong? -Possible. But it doesn’t matter: here probably clearly each model proves why we never set should. Or are there any objections?