Philips Original Radio, The ‘Philetta’ of The 21st Century: First Impressions and Video

Some have already returned to Spain after a few days of intense IFA 2012. A year that many consider “ transition ” but that leaves us with some outstanding products, as the Philips Original Radio that which already discussed a few days ago and it is officially presented at the German fair. Today we have our first impressions with video included.

Philips Original Radio notable for being based on the Radio ‘ Philetta & #8217; own Philips, a best seller back in the 1950s that had dozens of models and reprints with minor changes. The Original Radio was founded on the basis of their design but adapting it with some more curved shapes, a much cleaner front and modern, but keeping the mission to be a simple radio, where is more aesthetic than functional.

Philips Original Radio video

On Youtube | Philips Original Radio in IFA 2012.

First impressions of Philips Original Radio

In the workshop of Philips audio-centric talked of their range Fidelio (on which we’ll talk about in other articles), new headphones and a lot of products. Missed the Philips Original Radio that, once the small talk, was the real protagonist of the world audio.

Original Radio isn’t that better sounds, where the Fidelio range is without a doubt the winner of Philips products in this section. The quality is not bad, but if you are looking for is the best audio will be better to go to other product areas. In the ‘ new ’ Philetta is that Philips has bet everything on the design.

It is without doubt that your large banner: the design of Philips Original Radio is excellent, even more so in this era in which retro back in fashion as never before. The structure and its forms are great, with a casing available in wood with various treatments and multiple colors: from a Red eye-catching, great for a modern kitchen up to one color cream perfect for environments vintage.

Price and availability of Original Philips Radio

Philips Original Radio come to Spain, Yes, but for now is only confirmed the model without dock in our country for an official price as will start at 150 euros for the most basic. Available for worldwide according to the Philips press release are as follows:

The good news is that although initially only will be marketed in Spain without dock model, from Philips have told us that it is possible that within a few months if new models that the company could sell directly through their web site, including the Original Radio with dock. For now it is not certain but yes they have raised that possibility as a real medium-term.

Finally, many have commented that the dock for iPhone will be only compatible with iPhone 4S and earlier due to the fact that the new iPhone will come with a new connector that will not be backward compatible. Leaving aside the truth of this rumour, if it is finally we understand that both Philips and other manufacturers will draw some kind of physical adapter to the market or adapt all its products with the new connector.

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