Requiem for The Video Games Store?

The announcement of Konami that from now on will be devoted to mobile games and that, if that, they will already do PES and Metal Gears (without Hideo Kojima!) for Western players is another example of how disenchanted with the traditional videogame industry is. Mobiles and online videogame devour more and more customers, alien to • Read More »

17 Key Games from E3 Showing The Great War between The Indies and The Triple to

Monday starts the E3. This year we moved to Los Angeles to bring you from there all the news about the great fair of the world of video games. Despite the pitfalls that make some developers, is inevitable to be excited because this year promises to be very varied and at the same time promising.

Historical Software Collection: Nostalgia Always Works

What times. That we can say it more so people like me, fortunately you enjoyed the 8 bits when I was a child (or not so young). The 80s were a golden age that was the seed of many of the achievements that we have today the opposite. Software of that era was the true • Read More »

Flowers Vintage and Finishes Metallized Will Be Trend in Bath This 2017

The company Bathco us back to surprise with their incredible washbasins, behind them there is a great study materials and results, the impact of these on the market and its adaptation to the decor are the latest trend in bathrooms. These have been performed with different techniques and always focused on any style with which • Read More »

A “Vintage” in White and Black Bathroom

This vintage black and white bathroom either you love or you dislike solemnly. Reminds me of the bathrooms of the modernist houses, a bathroom with a decadent and romantic touch with charme. May seem to some old or old-fashioned, but it is breathed delicate, light and harmony.

The Bath Alyssa Milano Vintage

When in this picture first thing in what I notice is in the bathtub, I am aware of that should let me look, but it is that so many hours thinking in decoration It is what they have, one just by abstracting from everything else and just looking at the decorative details of any image, • Read More »

Before and after: a Kitchen Vintage

Although I for my I prefer more modern things, I admit that I love seeing spaces and furniture restorations antique they respect the shape and style of them, especially when they are well done, in this case I was very surprised of this reform kitchen, is of the few times that photo of the before • Read More »

Landadel, Placing Pottery Style Vintage

This image has brought me memories of when was in the village of my mother, the neighbor living next to our House had in the kitchen a piece of furniture like this where he placed his tableware, Moreover, possibly even you still have it, but long ago that I don’t step there, possibly some of • Read More »

PortobelloStreet Vintage Refrigerators

Isn’t it a fridge, isn’t it? Because the truth is that it is, and not of the old, despite his appearance is equipped with the latest technologies of cold and energy saving, that Yes, with no particular look. This fridge part of the new collection Vintage of PortobelloStreet which is easily accessible from its website, • Read More »

Paris in the Head

Are typically available Sundays for socks in sandals, frozen pizza and crime scene, yesterday everything was a little bit different but, Sarah and I had to get that ready for a mini little shoot. And because we are therefore already on the legs and were showered, rousted we us then a little shell, to to believe • Read More »

Kitchen Wishlist – Part i

About half a year ago I moved up from my beloved door building in the first penthouse in my life, because of the size and all the Sun, that tickles our minds even all day thanks to two terraces. “Full krass, you know Yes thanks to Instagram full carrot, it looks at you like”, I since • Read More »

Our Week in Pictures

Friday and I you can’t believe my luck this time, the one bright spot is the weekend that at the end of the chaotic days tunnel of the previous year. Actually everything had begun on Monday quite harmless, we were allowed to play a round Princess and together with top model Arizona celebrate the campaign launch • Read More »

Ready for Balcony Part 1

Gauge what is because going out already again. Yesterday I was so euphoric that I prefer with had taken the complete DIY Home, to finally bring our terrace to front man; whether the Sun blessing because of the good night wine in a deck chair and soda for lunch over the rooftops of Berlin. And now something like • Read More »