Top Quality Recycled Water Bottles

From the Danone Group, a multinational to which Aguas Font Vella and Lanjarón belong, environmental commitment is one of the basic keys in its business management. That is why they have opted for the use of recycled and/or recyclable materials in the manufacture of their water bottles.

More Front-Row Fashion Week New York Autumn/Winter 2010 / 2011

Two days ago it started Cibeles and as always we’ll have to Jezebel live covering the parades of the Fashion week in the Spanish capital. But for now, we still have many front-row looks quite memorable in the New York, as well as parades to do. And I think that unlike past post that looked • Read More »

Pabobo Night Light Reviews

The month last PABOBO kindly asked me to test their enchanted ride and after a month of test with baby Hummingbird, I think I have enough experience for my impressions. Nothing to do with the Super Nomadwho travels everywhere and brings that a source of light for the night, this night light here is designed to accompany • Read More »

L.A.M.B. Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011, New York Fashion Week

Gwen Stefani He called his collection of vintage, boudoir touches, military, years 50’s, sexy and futuristic. How did unite all this? As with the unmistakable style of impeccability in the alternative that has the singer and designer. After missing a season, i.e. the of Autumn-winter 2009/10 by her pregnancy, now Gwen is claimed showing us • Read More »

Will.I.Am Presents Its Accessories I.Am + for IPhone, Promise to Improve The Camera

As you advance,, best known for his work in the group Black Eyed Peas, is delighted with his forays into the world of technology. Land where intends to move in the next few years, after having premiered +, a line of accessories that make the iPhone handsets, a supposedly more capable camera.

Projecteo, a Projector in Miniature to Show Your Photos of Instagram

The success of Instagram, as a social network, it has served so around this emerging initiatives of all kinds. From events to gadgets like digital photo frames. Now we have to talk about what happens when it collides with another fashion concept: crowdfunding. Projecteo is a picoproyector that emulates the slide projectors where more than • Read More »

Motorola HC1, a Professional Computer for Field Specialists

Motorola Solutions (not to be confused with Motorola Mobile) has presented these days the Motorola HC1, a computer for worn (wearable computer) similar to the Glass Project of Google goggles, but intended for professional users who require to take the computer I get and have hands free.

The Manhattan Portage Messenger Bags Arrive in Spain

As fetish of bags and backpacks for my electronic equipment, has been a pleasant surprise knowing that the New York brand Manhattan Portage Spain brings its range of Messenger bags bags designed vinyl and completely waterproof. Now, see saving or put these new models in your wishlist because the exclusivity is paid.

Collectors of Technology: When The Passion Remains Trapped in Time

“The deeper fascination of the collector is to enclose the individual object in a magic circle, while freezing this crosses you a last shiver (shiver being acquired). All the recalled, thought and known becomes socket, frame, pedestal, seal their possession”, he said about the collectors Walter Benjamin in his “book of passages”.

Fantastic Car. Technology or Fiction

It is touching and even disappointing to see how the special effects that fascinated us children today are common or even a little Vintage. Today in our series of legendary film and television technologies, we call on the inventions of James Bond come less from the Knight Rider series. And no, the first step is • Read More »

Reinventing The Bulb LED to Satisfy to The Nostalgic

LED bulbs are an exceptional advance in energy-saving, but your way has not been easy. The first lights of this type had a strange appearance and its light was too strong or too cold. They say those who know market that it is not good idea to go against most deeply rooted traditions of the • Read More »

Electric Bikes Can Be Attractive and Affordable: Sondors Thin

Sondors Thin It is an electric bicycle that at first glance there’s nothing too special, nor in its design and in the technology used to propel it. But bike is presented as one of the more affordable of its flourishing market, and that is something to appreciate. If in addition to asking us a figure • Read More »

Retro Design and Electricity Go Hand in Hand in Cross Bikes

If you are interested in bikes and you like to have an electric model, but you have not found one that had a design especially careful – with some style in its lines and components-, I invite you to take a look at Cruz, the latest creation by the boys of Vintage Electric. Rather than • Read More »