How to Dress for 80s Party

80 years fashion has always been much discussed but how to dress for an 80’s Party? This style has always been characterized by a melting pot of styles, contamin ation of genres, almost a universe where chaos reigns supreme. Very often, however, calls attention to itself and, especially in recent years, 80 years the me parties are popular. How to dress then to faithfully reproduce this time?

Vintage Style Wall Clock

The wall clocks are quite old, one of their most traditional models is the famous cuckoo, in which there is a bird that comes out of its interior announcing that another hour has passed. From there to here several models have appeared, there are the most classic ones, the musical ones, the ones in vintage style, • Read More »

Tips to Be an Authentic Vintage Bride

The vintage brides are pure glamor and romanticism, leading anyone to the sophistication of the 20s, 40s and 50s. If you intend to be one in your day, we leave tips to achieve. Vintage has returned to stay and takes on a big importance in the bridal world, whether in decor, wedding style or in • Read More »

Fossil X Opening Ceremony: The Renewed Spirit of Vintage

Mark Fossil It was the starting point for everything that is today the huge multibrand group. The imposing holding specialized in watches and fashion accessories, which today manages the licenses of watch-making brands such as Armani, DKNY, Michael Kors, Adidas, Diesel, Burberry, among others.

Buddy Holly – The Day The Music Died

Many t the verse line “The Day the Music Died” from Don Mc Lean BB´s American Pie already once ardently sang along, have no idea what is meant by this day. Die-hard rock n´´roll fans know better. You connect to it February 3, 1959. On this day respectively in this night, Beechcraft bonanza 35 middle of a cornfield • Read More »

11 Cottages-Luxury to Dismiss The Summer

The summer comes to an end, and the back to school is a fact. But still you can take advantage of the good weather and high temperatures to make a romantic break with your partner, a reunion fun with friends or in version dismissed with the family, if it is that you have not had • Read More »

The History of Halloween

Soon he is back at the door, the scariest of all holidays: Halloween. And even though it has not directly something to do: many vintage pendant of love Halloween, and last but not least the rock’ n’roller and Rockabellas come up with the most creative costumes for the occasion. But what is actually behind this day of • Read More »

Vintage Wedding Décor

Pink décor worthy of style and creativity! The decór, they chose curios of great taste, which gave a supercharme to ornamentation. See this vintage wedding, which was sealed with the celebration of friends and family. Charm! “The party was much better than I dreamed! We left the light ceremony and performed. We feel God there • Read More »

13 Restaurants on The Beach (Yes on The Shore, as The Old)

There are no terraces that we resist. We have spoken of some hidden by Spain, stylish terraces located in the most exclusive roofs and some accompanying the most beautiful infinity pools. Now give us a tour of different Beach terraces, Yes, on the shore, as before, perfect to enjoy fantastic meals, exclusive bathrooms and corners • Read More »

Vintage Recycled Kitchen

Enter the unique world of interior designer Xavier Devaux, skilled renovator of this ancient workshop. Subtle blend of tradition and modernity, this lovely detached house is situated in Saint-Ouen, a registered parcel of land divided into three. After making the joint acquisition in 2006, the Belgian interior architect Xavier Devaux has been working to fully rehabilitate the old • Read More »

Vintage Plus Size Dresses

I have chosen this autumn/winter petrol to my favorite color. Many customers like this sound very much. Of course to black, an absolute highlight, the combination with mustard yellow is especially beautiful I think. Tonight I’m running this fleet sleeveless dress by X-two for the first time in the 60s style. It is freshly finsihed up in the • Read More »

5 Tips on How To Combine Necklaces

The necklace is already one of the main accessories in the women’s wardrobe and guarantees an additional charm in any look. The models are varied, from discrete strings to maxi necklaces long and with stones. They can be used at all times , the important thing is to know how to combine them. Sometimes you • Read More »

Which Ankle for Ankle Bracelet

It’s no secret that the bracelets can be worn on your feet. In this application they provide flavor image. But they are more suitable for young girls, providing charm and originality. But they should take in line with the overall style dress. Many people with bracelet on his leg, knowing how nosytt. Therefore, this article will • Read More »

Fall for in Lisbon a Week-End Is Possible

With the arrival of good weather, June is a perfect month to travel and make a pre-vacacional getaway. Lisbon It is a fantastic destination. If do not know recommend it to 100 percent. The city of light, that it is so called because the sun shines in a special way, has a charm in each • Read More »

Reebok Vintage Sneakers

in 1983, Reebok launched the ex-O-fit. What two things have Jane Fonda and the Reebok “Ex-O-Fit” mean? Both spent much time in the aerobics studio in the 1980s and still considered to be style formative. Because it’s less successful women, as legendary Sneakermodelle here, we dedicate the ex-O-fit and do not illuminate his story from the clean • Read More »