Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (116)

After a bridge for many week costs a little more, but We’re in week-end, ready to enjoy. It’s time for the plans fun and appetizing, and although the time not accompanied in many parts, there is the desire to take advantage of our free time. Living with Jezebel style never missing recommendations to spend it in the best possible • Read More »

Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (107)

Long week? Surely Yes. But finally came the weekend, and that means it is leisure time, have fun, to get guapos and enjoy friends, also rest. That is why in our lives with style never missing plans more interesting and chic of the moment. The weekend is perfect to enjoy a brunch and the Unique hotel Madrid next to Ramón • Read More »

The Grinch of Christmas May Be in Your Family. Discover It

You’re waiting for the holidays with illusion to get together with your loved ones, spend a few days with family and sing “The drummer” in two voices with your brother (while your father gives the zambomba), but There is always some relative who emperra in to spoil the party out there. We identify them and give you • Read More »

Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (94)

We have finally reached the weekend, longer for many because it is coming the expected December bridge. A date in which officially start Christmas. Is the time to put the tree, decorate the House, visit Cortilandia with the kids in the House and, of course, become endlessly long and heavy meals and Christmas dinner. We can say that the • Read More »

Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (91)

Finally reached the awaited weekend. It is the moment of enjoying of Moloney plans, more sophisticated markets and trendy restaurants. In our lives with style are recommendations to pass in the best possible way Today and tomorrow you can enjoy a whacked. The first edition of the Pop Up “Madrid Market NH Collection Eurobuilding” It will be a fusion of fashion • Read More »

The 2nd Skin Co. Collection Autumn-Winter 2014 / 2015

Romantic, feminine and very festive. The 2nd Skin Co. It has clear how is his wife. With its collection autumn-winter 2014 / 2015, which have been called “Red Candy” (candy red), the young firm of Antonio Burillo and Juan Carlos Fernández It continues paying homage to a style we see today in Giambattista Valli, Valentino and Elie Saab, among others • Read More »

Fendi Spring/Summer 2017: Fashion in Key Sport

Milan continues to give the best of themselves during their Fashion week and today has had the duty to Fendi. A pattern has repeated itself during this collection of spring-summer 2017: the key sport has made Act of presncia and has accompanied to (almost) all submitted designs. The stripes have been part of the role and transparencies to teach • Read More »

The Emerging Brands from New York That You’Ll Hear Talk in Brief (I)

The Row, Chris Benz, Alice + Olivia. On 10 September, on the sixth day of the week of the fashion of New York, the week more intense of all by its multiple proposals, because we saw names recognized that Theyskens ’ Theory and Jil Sander Navy shone but and emerging talents? Or rather, those brands • Read More »

The Front-Row of The Week of The Fashion of New York Autumn/Winter 2010/11

We have already seen some of the looks of the famous and other characters in the front-row of the New York fashion week. We have to Heidi Klum and the Kardashian the Hearth Truth backstage with red as reason to be sponsored by Diet Coke. We have also seen some celebrities such as Whitney Port, Zoe Saldana and Julia • Read More »

The Fall Is Filled with Color and Hair with Miu Miu Collection

Miu Miu He manages to make even more appetizing stuffed wraps, filling them with color and causing that hair color flood hats, skirts and shoes. Miucca Prada returned to throw for the collection autumn-winter 2017 / 2018 garments that every fashionista would like to: retro style dresses, sets of point with stamped naif, and nails boots that it will go direct • Read More »

Louis Vuitton, Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

Women Louis Vuitton It is an elegant woman, life has dress brand, without giving the utmost importance. But in the Pre-Fall 2009 collection designed by Marc Jacobs play to be a bad girl who dresses in rags of his mother. He likes grooming, dressing older woman, but without losing the naivety or flirting.

The Week of The Fashion of Rio De Janeiro, The 16th to Street Fashion

The Rio de Janeiro fashion week (Fashion Rio) makes time that gained the attention of many important looks, not only already by the level of models parading on the catwalk, which then we see in several international renowned events, but also for their most attractive proposals and the situation of Brazil as a great power confirmed. The • Read More »

The Question of The Week: Do You like Decoration Vintage or Prefer to Buy New Furniture?

The term vintage It is one of the most oft-repeated, for a few years, in the world of decoration. It is referred to the furniture and to the decorative objects, usually of quality, presenting certain age (therefore “second hand”) and that printed decoration all the uniqueness and personality of the authentic pieces and little views. His followers are legion, but • Read More »

Top 10 Best Lamps

To buy a new lamp, it is an opportunity to enhance its interior in record time. Lamp iconic, graphic or new lighting, they each have a singular virtue. Our top 10 lamps to order from Santa or to offer! Why? Because…

Watch Bands

So far in this series, we looked at the soft strip of leather or rubber, but many prefer the uniform, practical and stylish in a metal bracelet to the watch. Here is a sample of the Bell the world’s most interesting, funniest and most classic models.

Omega Speedmaster, in the Footsteps of the Moonwatch

Where did the Omega watches land that were walking on the moon? The Omega Speedmaster is an icon among the Swiss wristwatches, numerous models have already emerged from their family. With the chronograph Speedmaster CK2998 in the 39.7 mm large stainless steel housing, it received 2016 a new edition with a special historical reference. The • Read More »

HP-01, the First “Smart Watch” with Vintage Technology

The year is 1977, when quartz clocks were still relatively new technology – considering that advances were much slower then today, the concept of “recent” is also relative – and the year that Star Wars debuted in movie theaters. In those days when science fiction imagined things that were fantastic for those days, the industry’s • Read More »

Chairs with Vintage Style

Do you remember your old chairs of the Association? Now they are the latest trend in decor vintage. School, style chairs vintage or retro, out of the classroom to decorate other completely different areas, such as bars, restaurants, shops and of course, our homes. Chairs of school, with its metal legs and wooden seat, adapt perfectly • Read More »

Vintage and Modern in Decoration

Built in 1920 and located in the Silver Lake Hills, in Los Angeles, the style of this House is the so-called Spanish Colonial. The client, a young couple of businessmen, wanted a House that was easy and practice, both to receive friends, how to deal with a daily basis involving children and dogs-but that was • Read More »

This Summer: Original Swimwear

Original, different and striking trends characterize this summer. The heat that we are experiencing in Spain (Yes Yes, suffering…), the pool and the Sea become our best allies. And it is the continuous waves of heat to force us to take refuge in the water whenever we can, at any time of the day.