The Stine Goya ‘Edge’ Pants in the Test of Everyday Life

As a thank you for the years passed we received end of last year a gilt wrapped package of the Danish designer Stine Goya, and what was in it? A two-parter for Sarah and me the silk ‘edge pants’ up there. Because someone had remembered but exactly how I lately faced press days during the with hearts in the eyes of the Pludern hopeless, struggling with a Heart clasp front of delight. Nothing like I would have done so, as just a day after the top surprise Mademoiselle “Edge Pants”, just like? I had not the slightest idea, because neither sneakers nor high picks were going to really fit and what in the world combining up around, when it comes to below around already so monstrous?

I surrendered – up to Christmas Eve. I gave up after a few hours in the egg-shaped chaps but again, because my friend had nothing but laughter for me left and addressed the entire morning with “My little Persian Prince” me. Only in Berlin a light went back on me eventually. A blue shirt and cognac loafers should Earth the whole look a bit, Yes, almost boring make, because already enough happening on the knuckles. I myself felt the result then indeed as exceptionally suitable for everyday use, all visitors of Garcia Street however at all not a bit.

It’s been not so that you inevitably laughed at me, maybe they took pity on just with me. Because of course the better solution for a trip with a child considered to be seems a hip jeans from outside. At comfort not lacked me, just confidence, at least during the first hour.

Because then I remembered my intent: that must all be fun here, and who can not appreciate my Persian Prince pants and cheer with me.
He at least until shake his head when I’m long gone.