Search After the Perfect Cowboy Boots – Anni Jane’s Never Ending Story

I’m confused: in addition to sudden summer slump (Don’t misunderstand, I love you, summer) and jumbled first heat stroke, the summer trends in footwear just across our screens, magazines and across my head. Boom! Although has Jane Mama Sarah just glamour you with a fresh charge of Espadrilles , we live up to our reputation and today prove that our strength so don’t set is. Already I’m going with the next shoe around the corner: the cowboy boots, the Western Variant.

Blame the whole misery the beautiful Malaika Raiss last but not least carries himself, that their interpretation of cowboy for the coming autumn season launches. I can however already now no longer without the fine parts and that despite the wonderful summer temperatures. City Cowgirl ole.

I was looking for by the way, in an old box of dress from times in which my Teeniekopf screaming for attention – now they adorn my feet again for almost ten years later. The personal revival is perfect.

Whether in wide Bell Bottoms, shorts, skirt or dress, I’m hardly without them at the door. There are only a small catch: the good vintage models no longer participate and apart from a few eBay finds, the wide range of alternatives remained so far unfortunately. Even the uncredible Jane Nike, with its new trekking Sandals shown is that she makes can be found pretty much everything, seems in terms of cowboy boots desperate.

That literally yelled after an I have the Internet upside down action and actually came around a few wonderful results! But for heaven’s sake, if you have some tips for us, bring it. The range must be doubled until the autumn. Can you help with? < 3

In the online shops of the world, you will find some fine shoes. Not always cheap, but even in the sale. But what am I talking: If something is worth, then yes probably a pair of shoes!

Saint Laurent, Western Duckies
Gianvito Rossi, suede Western Bootie
ISABEL MARANT, Étoile Ruth suede knee boots
ISABEL MARANT, The thick suede ankle boots
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, guns embellished leather ankle boots
ISABEL MARANT, suede boots Ruth
SAINT LAURENTankle boots with fringe
Pier one, boots sand
Kentucky’s Western, cowboy – / Bikerstiefelette – dark brown

Kentucky’s Western, flat black cowboy – / Bikerstiefelette –
Kentucky’s Western, cowboy – / Bikerstiefelette – encogido camel
Kentucky’s Western, cowboy – / Bikerstiefelette – encogido camel kraf negro
Kentucky’s Western, high cowboy / Bikerstiefelette – black

And finally even the vintage Department. Not quite as good is of course shopping expenses. But it’s worth, here come the treasures:

Colorful Western boots in 39.
Brown Western boots by 40 to 43
Metallo Western boots 39
Rough Western boots in 37
Sand-colored cowboy boots in 39