Patterns & Color Noise with Marimekko & Reality Studio

I’m usually not a fan of shopping excesses, Fingersworm really, much rather I buy every now and then a few real treasures, even though that may seem slightly different and always to the outside. Weekends, it was by now a bit with me, because the belly was made again properly “PLoP” and nothing, really nothing at all of what blinked me because of my wardrobe, wanted to fit, or he look good with this condition may also in double quantity of dress nothing would have changed. A new body so obviously whets the appetite for new clothes and well, sometimes you have to go to his desires just (as long as you not in the dispo lands, of course).

First I stumbled the long angeschmachteten so at Baerck Berlin past, to give me salmon colored coat of one of my favorite German brands, namely reality Studio, to purchase. Then I spied on top of that even a snazzy vest from Vladimir Karaleev, which had fixed so just only mean to me and zackboom, moved the two parts even my bag. Actually I wanted to compete the way home shortly afterwards, but then suddenly came a unexpectedly large love in the game: Marimekko headquartered in Finland.

At the flagship store of the brands I’m gelatscht already approximately 374 times over in my life, just I’m never gelatscht pure. Because the ladies and gentlemen have there so an exceptionally witty knack for hammer-like pattern, there are about not just clothes, but also fabrics, cushions and household stuff in the shop such as plates and cups – very nice, no question, yet this repertoire held sometimes me by the local shopping. How silly of me.

Could I but only a bit earlier overcome my mental block if all the Cup, I would have much earlier noticed that there a few of the most beautiful dresses of ever slumber (unless it’s because colored and patterned like). My personal luck: the sale season has erupted In the Berlin shop just in time for beans clothes frustration.

The Prada bag was a Christmas gift for my parents to me, and several years ago – I remember clearly, how stupid then all looked: “han, a granny bag!” -Pffft, anyway, I delight in you still.