In the Meantime with Marni Vintage, H & M Trend

No Sarah, I not up top that, fit here but nothing except pants and top together and then hat and black coat, that I show on cooking under no circumstances. Meckermeckermecker. When I namely mini short out there enjoying the spring weather yesterday in the late afternoon wanted, with coffee and LIO and Jane number two, as Mademoiselle whipped out the camera all of a sudden. But this is real, this is everyday life, that’s a bit shaggy, but full carrot you. Well, now you have the salad. “Back more in between Knipsereien instead of mesh shoes!” said last week: in the comments. The problem: Now get to do it with cord. And blow !

In principle, this is a daily test here so again. That I feel themselves comfortable with the 70’s and in my filthy old Second-Hand pants by Marni, that should be mentioned but still short. But how is it for you? Can you get used you in the course of this everywhere Pimping trends in the new width of the leg at all? On the colors and patterns? I personally am like Bolle on the new playfulness without chick in there.There, namely even sneakers to fit if you ask me:

Lio was of course also with just like the egg-shaped coat of COS.