Outfit by the Weekend. the Golden Autumn along with Golden Shoes

If you like we computer-kiddies, throughout the day plus one ordinary fraction of his spare time before the machine is sitting, then you would be glad twice as a child in if weather at the weekend makes us us no spanner in the and pretty vigorously cheer on to go out. Sun pur, sweater-weather and there’s invariably smiling faces as candy on top. There with imitating even the work that fluppsdiwupps on Sunday was taken outside, me nothing at all from. A pretty nice project stands in the wings – but that we tell you a bit more later.

As the perfect Sunday also looks? Obviously quite cute! Because to the gilded Shoes 96ci Zign, the sale snapper last year allowed nor as the Brand new purchased check trousers from the vintage store. And I, I’m completely happy without any Mäkelei.

Zign asked that a few fellow bloggers and us, our perfect autumn look – look like and my answer came promptly: armed with Leather boots for the right OPI look. Sneakers have a break with me for a long time and thanks to the gilded details, I also finally had the opportunity, the topic of All-Over ‘Cute’ auzuprobieren: together with the mustard-yellow Lacoste Turtleneck from last winter sale and Moschino-vintage Plaid OMI would proudly to me – trouser leg. For years I namely just search after such a model and am Good Store now also finally looking. On top, there is the matching Blazer, I have somehow never really wanted to run, and which is already comfortable preppy to stuffy look also already finished.