Motorola HC1, a Professional Computer for Field Specialists

Motorola Solutions (not to be confused with Motorola Mobile) has presented these days the Motorola HC1, a computer for worn (wearable computer) similar to the Glass Project of Google goggles, but intended for professional users who require to take the computer I get and have hands free.

The HC1 It consists of a network of headsets that allow you to fasten it to the head. The multimedia part is based on a device called Golden-i, and is a small display of 800 × 600 pixels that it emulates a 15-inch monitor. The set includes headphones and a removable USB camera with which the user can send signal of what he sees at all times, from their perspective, or from another location.

The camera is only 2 megapixels, but it is able to take video in HD 1080 p at 30 fps per second. The HC1 It is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity b/g. Although it does not have 3 G, you can connect to any device that makes tethering.

So far everything more or less normal. Already do not understand much what that Motorola has chosen to provide a bare-bones processor HC1 Only 800 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3. To top it off, the operating system that moves the HC1 is Windows CE 6.0 Professional.

We assume that the choice of such vintage software is due to the use of the HC1 in professional environments where compatibility with old workstations precedence over other interests. However, both choices seem to be extremely ‘ conservative ’ for a supposedly cutting-edge device that will be released, attention, for an amount of between 4,000 and 5,000 dollars.