Monday in The Riding. Show Alma Aguilar Spring-Summer 2011

yes, I know. Spirits fashionistas are already hovering around land Italian and Cybele have left until another season the region of the goddess. But I cannot give the numerous our fashion without mentioning to Soul Aguilar, and your parade Spring-summer 2011. The thing arrives a little late, but in this case, never is late if the collection is good.

Its pattern is impeccable, very appealing colors, its always wonderful fabrics and she is a designer made herself and more charming. How not to speak of this?

But how ignore this wonder? You notice my weakness right?. The trajectory of Soul He has been flawless. I remember when I met her work for the first time, many year ago, in which she decorated with a illustrations precious items in the fashion magazine of which I was a coordinator.

At the time it began in the world of design and attentive we were already to his timid steps. From there to here has not made mistakes, has followed a linear path, and it has improved its parades, always beautiful and with an exquisite taste.

!How difficult it is designing something new from old and do it with gusto! In fashion, everything is already invented, what rating are new ways to tell about it.

It is not new, nor full trend but what emerges when contemplating their pin tuck, frills, baby collars, yokes, plieques and precious fabrics is! Nice!. Its retro air not confuse us, the muejer that presents well could be a character in Sex and the City.

The riding was his source of inspiration and the environment in which decided to surround the models with pleats on dresses and simulating the prnedas falls to the riding. The beige and the celestial and lavenders as colors fetishes.

The fascinators, of Vintage Waves for Soul Aguilar, the plieques, the equestrian theme made me think in the Duchess of Windor and the Victorian era. This and the light blue color scheme more Fuchsia lo comvierte a real sweetness.