May We Introduce? the Yay Online Store for Vintage Pieces

There are vintage stores like sand on the sea, on Berlin’s streets anyway and online also. And still I visit it again and again same fine pearls, which select their collections with very great passion, keep small treasures for us and shake again and again new surprises from the sleeve. A newest contender might be YAY Shop: 2nd hand shop by Kristin Baumann exists only for eight months, holds for this but a pretty lush selection.

Kristin is responsible for the fine selection itself – and the perfect vintage for you in the virtual window to hang piece, the Rhinelander works also like a little on their fund around: so that it suits the personal taste of the maker and also inserts in the here and now. Clothing, Jewelry, shoes, accessories – and now everyone in the choir: YAY!

The pieces are chosen so not just individually, but also changed. Don’t like the collar he comes off easy. Are too much – the shoulder pads a touch away. YAY presents us not the usual vintage stuff, which often supplies an Overdressed aftertaste, but packed with new – old quite unstrained and beautiful.

“Even though you might think there would be enough Vintage shops, I think, there are not enough alternatives to “Made in Bangladesh””. Anyway do we find and recommend a look at their Online Shop by heart you < 3

The idea is that every part of his buyer a YAY! elicits – YAY!

The new Spring collection coasts up this week in the YAY shop. A little sneak peak there advance times:

Good luck with your heart project, love Kristin.