Living with Style: The Weekly Agenda of Jezebel (107)

Long week? Surely Yes. But finally came the weekend, and that means it is leisure time, have fun, to get guapos and enjoy friends, also rest. That is why in our lives with style never missing plans more interesting and chic of the moment.

The weekend is perfect to enjoy a brunch and the Unique hotel Madrid next to Ramón Freixa reinvent the 2016 brunch. In the luxury boutique hotel in the District of Salamanca, located in a palace that retains the charm of yesteryear but with current dose, it has prepared its brunch for the new season and already you can taste in his beautiful garden.

For eating, dinner, breakfast or simply a appetizer, We have prepared a post with the 15 restaurants in Madrid. Different styles and letters but always with a very appealing letter and some distinction that convert them into different spaces to enjoy our leisure time.

One of the restaurants that I has done more grace has been Flash Flash. As well, now opens its more informal version: Flash click, a new space in the Queen Street with Carnation serving, to the rhythm of music and bar, all specialties. Structured around a bar with some 40 sidewalks and U-shaped, it offers a lively atmosphere perfect for a pecking.

In Zaragoza, to take a breakfast or a snack in a mono site, I recommend Doña Hippolyta, a coffee with decoration vintage which opened a few months ago (the local was an old cloth shop) in the old part of the capital of Aragon. Its menu consists of sandwiches and various cakes.

The markets have returned to the load, perfect to acquire new season clothing. The cat flea market begins his career by 2016 by returning to the Hotel The Westin Palace with more than 60 exhibitors offering proposals for design, crafts, fashion, organic cosmetics, footwear, jewellery, art and gastronomy, as well as free workshops and space for NGO’s.

One of the most original pop up from this weekend is The chic Pop Up, loaded with new features. More than 40 exhibitors from different parts of Spain will be in charge of opening the season with new collections brought in exclusively for this market which is open until morning in the street Claudio Coello, 53. The greatest originality lies in their shop windows, where there are three professional dancers of the dance world, interpreting different exclusive choreographies for this event.

Returns the Design market, more than 100 firms, with a selected proposal foodie outdoor stage Happy Sundays with a great selection of indie music live, inland and in the Grand Plaza of the Plaza of Matadero Madrid. If you don’t have plan, today and tomorrow and you have.

We caught a little far, but it is worth mentioning it. The exhibition ‘ Lady Dior as seen by’ Now you can enjoy at the boutique of Dior in Seoul, where the iconic Lady Dior it reinterprets the artistic Exercise with 17 sculptures, 8 photos and 4 Korean artworks.

Another option for a meal this weekend are the Expo Food Trucks Nuevos Ministerios in the capital, returning to the capital with demonstrations of recipes of cocktails, show and other activities with expert chefs. Hot dogs and sandwiches in the style of New York, to enjoy the gastronomy on wheels.

The gloss of Dior are amazing, some I bought and I love. Now the maison presents its new Addict Ultra-Gloss: UltraDior 765 a gloss that adds more volume, more brightness and is more moisturizing. In addition, it comes in three colours very sexy, perfect for the summer season, and already same. A touch of beauty and sensuality to our plans.

Happy weekend!