Landadel, Placing Pottery Style Vintage

This image has brought me memories of when was in the village of my mother, the neighbor living next to our House had in the kitchen a piece of furniture like this where he placed his tableware, Moreover, possibly even you still have it, but long ago that I don’t step there, possibly some of you’ll have memories similar, have seen in antique kitchens This type of furniture, was the most common.

And the truth is that it is really comfortable, allows you to have at hand the plates and cups that are used every day, in such a way that they are easy to pick up and place, is normally located in the dining room or in the kitchen on a sideboard or a console where you saved the rest of utensils that occupy more or less, used instead of putting on the console, a table, a mirror, a clock or other less functional accessory , is placed this type of shelving for China that helps free up space in other furniture

For the lovers of antiques or those seeking a style vintage in the dining room of course is a basic essential, this in particular is a design of Tom Kühne but is clearly inspired by what has been a classic of all households for several decades, the only disadvantage I see it is that if we do not use daily dishes, just spotting by not being covered, why today many prefer showcases or closed cabinets.