Jane of the day. Gia Coppola – Actress, Director & Photographer

Is she the granddaughter of Francis Ford and Eleanor Coppola, niece of Sofia and Roman Coppola and the cousin of Schwartzman siblings, as well as Nicolas Cage – curse or blessing? -That seems pretty no matter the young GIA and solves talent in the luggage is quite cleverly and with a fairly large portion of like said “the…”-image. Admitted to any talent donkey must be before by the Coppola family, different anyway, we can tell us also hardly the concentrated load of power and success:

GIA Coppola is just 26 years old and follows it pretty seamlessly the success story of their clan (this way to the simpler Family tree): we may introduce actress, Director, and photographer -? Another all-round talent, not only with her latest film Palo Alto (with Emma Robberts and James Franco) after Franco’s book ‘ Palo Alto: stories ‘ draws attention to itself, but even just parallel even for Urban Outfitters jumped behind the lens and this right has dragged along and photographed a whole gang of friends:

An honest portrait of a pretty bored teen Clique from the California town, full of rebellion, self-destruction, longings and the urge for attention. The start of Germany is not so far, but promptly posted.

With the game still BFF is incidentally mentioned Petra Collins, Heather Boo, Sidney Williams, Jake, however, Eliel Ford and Ben Watanabe. The storyline? The last common holidays. We are thematically of course picked, are wildly jealous of the plastic flamingos and want to bad weather please finally.

In an interview with Farfetch, the pretty Gia also reveals a bit more about her new film, working with Franco and her favorite designers. The entire interview will be published on Farfetch tomorrow. However, we can give you a small preview today:

On making ‘Palo Alto’:

‘It was a natural fit. I was really interested in the subject matter of teenagers – I had just finished college and had had enough separation where I could reflect back on those awkward years. So when I read James‘ [Franco’s] book it really felt right.

On working with James Franco for ‘Palo Alto’:

‘I look up to James. He has such an amazing work ethic – it’s really inspiring. He’s completely fearless. I strive to be more like that. I was very nervous about doing a feature film but I was lucky to have someone like James, who believed in me so much and took me through it so I was able to not worry and just enjoy creating.’

On the costumes in ‘Palo Alto’:

‘Costumes say a lot about a character, when it came to Palo Alto it was important for me that the kids didn’t look perfect. In most teen movies today all of the clothes are expensive. I remember wearing a lot of dirty vintage clothes.’

On her favourite designers:

‘I have a real appreciation for fashion, it’s a way of self-expression. I enjoy seeing how my friends – Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Rodarte – use clothes to create their vision and art.’