Jaguariúna Pedestrian Party – How to Dress?

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Jaguariúna Pedestrian Party - How to Dress

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Who likes the pawn party there?

For the gallery you like, you should know that soon we will have a party well known, recognized as one of the main parties of the pawn in Brazil.

The Jaguariúna pawns party goes to the 28th edition !!! Throughout the years, the public can check the classics of sertaneja music, axé, pop and even rock.

Jaguariúna celebrates the spirit of the Brazilian people, with an event that is part of culture, customs and traditions.

In the first editions of the party the Brazilian sertaneja music was already going through transition, of the sertanejo that tells stories of fearlessness, courage and heroism by the romantic sertanejo. And from the early years already had the presence of Leandro and Leonardo, John Paul and Daniel, Chitãozinho and Xororó and Zezé di Carmargo and Luciano that present the genre of the romantic sertanejo.

Since 1993 with an eye to the public, mainly to attract young people, the organization of the party has become more eclectic with the concerts, mixing musical genres. And in 1995, it went from 4 days to 10 days of presentations, with songs of pagodes, ax, rock, MPB, besides the sertanejo of course. From 1997 their horizons began to expand bringing international singers like Tammy Graham, Gloria Gaynor, the band Creedance, Kansas and Chuck Berry.

And this year will have a new and safer structure, with bulls and horses, timed rodeo, barbecue contest, backwoods cabin and several other attractions.fhat

The tip to enjoy the event is to bet on the cowboy style hat !!! In addition to the  hat , they can wear low or high boots and flat or plaid shirts, these accessories are super stylish and leave you in the mood of the party and, best of all, can be combined with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses.

Belts with buckles combined with arizonas hats look beautiful !!! Not to mention that this model of hat are in neutral tones such as beige, brown and black making it possible to make various combinations of colors.