Visit to the Newest Store in Hamburg + Dream Pieces

Oh, Yes. It is probably to a widely used girl’s dream, to be in possession of a Chanel bag run the intertwined cs to be able and to surround themselves with a touch of Coco. The wallet likes a spanner in the us here however, incessantly screaming “No, no, no” and appeals to our reason. But reasonable, what is this just? Of course such a purchase in me to anything rational thinking do, but rather with dreams and the fun of the whole shebang. Where: In fact, an investment is a pretty smart thing, you know that the good bits almost daily gain in value – and I mean, ladies and gentlemen, here is not the ideal. The vintage models are even more expensive, a price increase is guaranteed and these pretty things anyway never come out of fashion.

We certainly were yesterday pretty crazy in the head, were back and forth, dreamed of us and already received to the head – to remain quite reasonable at the end.

We have the summer collection me nothing’s nothing aside, to devote ourselves completely to the classics: dream bag in black is found, Pearl necklace, the cloth as a loop tied can come naturally and when it comes to us, you don’t have to justify themselves for buying the canvas shoes. If we would loose, we would go in.

Fortunately we can not me financially but nothing’s nothing – if yes too bad the thing already ticked off with the reverie, or? Hach, you incredibly beautiful Coco Chanel world, you.

The visit in the latest Chanel Paradise (Neuer Wall 73-75) is in any case recommended by heart: an Dressing room, as big as my kitchen, interior pieces from Tweed, mother of Pearl where the eye sees and Cocos favorite colors spread over several 100 square meters. In fact, the entire boutique inspired by Coco Chanel’s Atelier in the rue Cambon 31 is ajar – implemented with quite a lot of attention to detail and hand-decorated.

So, dare and a look dares into – to further dream and desire meet. Anyway, we could be there immediately and walk out.