The Eternal Search for the Perfect Boucherouite Carpet

As LIO announced itself in, we had to move to Jiffy – actually, the sunny penthouse apartment should serve only as a cosy stopover, but to win such a home love happen eventually despite small and large blemish, because several Tumblr with Wing door images of the earth use nothing. The only huge shortcoming with which we have to fight but yet more and more is the nonexistent kitchen, while I lümmle especially in the evening preferably in the close the refrigerator around. And: so to set up a new joint stretches a bit differently than natural wood floors residences, which can cause the excess decoration possibly due to the compensation. Us remain so now two possibilities: either we move very soon again, but we put in us for the current home again correctly in that stuff, including wall breakthrough. Not an easy decision, but one thing is clear: we need an another great carpet.

At the time the Pinterest world is flooded with Beni Ourains and kilims, but it still another pretty living trend behind every second corner lurks: Boucheroites, or better: Moroccan patch carpets. And because it is not so easy to find affordable models and even the right patterns and colors to choose, my bookmarks list is currently packed with colorful ways. Maybe it’s you so much – should the be, here follows a breath of inspiration:

Sarah Jane is struck for the future children’s room at HAY – vintage pieces coming in again and again, it says.