Having an Original Arcade Machine Is Increasingly Difficult: CTR Monitors Are in Danger of Extinction

Nostalgic fashions are not new and in video games has always been very vivid memory, so that the classics have never finished die. Do not talk only turns as the Mini NES, but an attempt to prolong the life of the arcade, although this becomes more and more difficult because letting the parts manufacture and be available.

At least if it’s keeping all the elements of an arcade machine to make it as authentic as possible, for which the monitor is a key piece to be what determines the image in the end. In other words, we will not realize if the source or even if the Jamma harness is new, but put a new monitor instead of one old Yes can give us a distinct sense when using it.

There will be no new shipments

When we attended the workshop of restoration of an arcade game that gave the Arcade with last year we saw that many of the pieces were second hand and not all manufactured. So as you could get one of the key pieces (Jamma harness) new, was not the same with other parts such as motherboards and monitors.

This is question of obsolescence and evolution. When ever we ask more thin boards manufacturers respond to this demand and they have thinned them evolving in materials and technology, and the cathode ray tube (CRT) that run these large monitors has left is making to varied demand, as in the case of Matsushita, Panasonic and JVC matrix in 2006. In this way, the restorations with cathode ray monitors have expiration date (until the stock runs out).

In the case of Michael Ware, founder of Dream Arcades, calculates CRTs that have to give for a year, “and after that is over”, as says Venture Beat. In fact, repairs of these monitors can have their risk and complexity and that means a cost which is not always considered pay.

Whoever has a CRT running, has a treasure

Is there a solution? Yes, we saw it precisely in the Arcade. There were machines that worked with a new LCD (a thin and current screen) which had replaced the CRT, running old and legendary games like Pang, but as mentioned before the image is not the same and this may present drawbacks for the purists in terms of color (and perhaps some glitch, though solvable) as we see in this Reddit about the topic. The article that we cited before Venture Beat also refers that “the colors are so vibrant”.

Thus, have an arcade machine running in the purest way possible is becoming more complicated, hence as already told us in the Cultural Association of Arcade Vintage have been appreciated and its price continues to rise. Fortunately, for those who comply with maintain the experience even if it’s not with the original hardware, there are modern and economic ways of building an arcade machine.