Gucci Prefault 2016 Manages to Make Modern Style More Retro and Nerd

You have to give congratulations to Alessandro Michele. In less than a year, has managed to get to Gucci again on the crest of the wave, create a style defined, different, original, recognizable at first sight and that enthuses both criticism and public fashion. His style nerd, with touches vintage and retro, colorful and romantic has permeated strong and in the collection Prefault Gucci 2016 get the total result to be more modern, avant-garde and attractive than ever.

We say yes to the rose, to the Golden and silver, to the printed wallpaper, to blouses with big loops, to denim with patches, to the pleats, the layers and add-ins that appear out of an old circus, with Mary janes low heel and boots of all colors. Will we also use color tights, mixing prints to and use glitters day for that dress is less boring and repetitive.

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