“God Bless America!, The Navajos, Stars and Stripes and Route 66.” Dsquared2 Summer 2012

I am Indian navajo, live in a reservation, my flag are bars and stars, my paradise is Woodstock and how to reach it, route 66. Who am I?

You’re a protagonist of the Dsquared2 spring/summer 2012 parade, who in his usual mishmash of genres and estilosnos are proposals of most flag that sweeping, not only Indians, but also the Cowboys memories.

A parade of Dsquared2 is like the best Manhattan vintage store: you can find wonders but sometimes you have to look at and strolled because with so much to offer, so much mixing, both styling, its real proposals are lost. New? Not much but it’s the brothers Caten has almost always been more question of styling that’s couture.

A style that sometimes near impossible, as the mixture of borsalino with waterproof boots, bikini, stripe khol, patriotic t-shirt and batin, but that at least on the runway, is not all bad.