Laura Carbone -“I Love to Be Woman.”

Cruuush – Laura Carbone is exactly this wonderful kind of singer I need this summer: A Rotzgore with feeling, a riot girl, along with melancholic songs in baggage that storm full power in the heart of our music.

The lovely Laura has not only released their first EP as a solo artist in March – it has been up to the artwork itself. A DIY plate so to speak which belongs now to each girl summer soundtrack. Reason enough, you this all-rounder times closer to present. Said than done: our Girlcrush of the day < 3

Laura Carbone – stigmatized

Dear Laura, what are you wearing today and why?

I was now for a few days in Berlin and always forcing me to travel with minimal luggage. Therefore I let only a handful packed favorite parts, very quickly and well combined the.
I’m wearing a vintage sunglasses by Benetton, which I have purchased via Shemonster Vintage . This includes a vintage Chanel shirt, which I found two weeks ago in Paris. Since I live in little skirt, I’m wearing my current favorite rock: the leather circle skirt by American Apparel. The shoes, and belts are also vintage and were lucky finds for a few euros. The bag is vintage Moschino and was a huge Christmas surprise from my family. Without my leather jacket, I usually leave not the House, therefore is of course also with the game.

Tell us in pictures:
What makes you and your character?

What is the role for you of ‘Girl Power’ and what does that mean for your music?

As the spice girls band toured before a decade by the world, I have seen the first time consciously the word ‘Girl Power’. I find that one to remind girls and women like our sex is how actually strong and starkly.I love being woman.
My music is from the “riot girls ‘ 90s inspired, such as such as Bikini Kill. Played a show for women only, for example, in England – men had to stay outside. Very pretty radical, but I love it when woman’s trust to be precisely: strong and radical.

And what say you, as our power girl for feminism?

Although we live in 2014 and still issues like this need to be addressed are still. Feminism let means to me are equality, for their rights and not be intimidated. Especially but also the awareness, that we all are equal in the end and we therefore do not need face over the other.

We are already looking forward to new songs from friends, we’ve seen on Facebook , you’re busy in the Studio – beschreib’ your music or songs but even without words!

Welcome to the land of either-or:

Boots or sneakers? BOOTS!
… Dress or pants? Dress
…laut or quiet? According to
… Boys or girls? Can I decide
… Open air or walk? Open air
…Schwarz/Weiß or stained? Hard black/white
… Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Prefer something with fruit!
… Harmony or uprising? I am very in need of harmony,
but tend to riots if my harmony is threatened.
… Just kids or nearly adult? Almost grown up.
… Berlin or Paris? Berlin. Because the friends there and because it is less stressful to find good vegetarian food.

If your life were a movie or a series, then would be the genre?

College high school SOAP on the prom, and I then play with my band in the gym while the nerd girl is the Queen of the ball and the mean girls on banana peel slip.
The whole course in very hard black/white and somewhat “giallo” – moderately.

Your current favourite song on continuous loop and your all time favorite?

Currently: Best Coast – this lonely morning

Where can we find you at 30 degrees and Sun in Berlin? And where at 15deg and rain?

I’m no insider about Berlin tips, but at 30 ° C I did last summer impossibly great bike ride with my friends: on the Tempelhofer field to the Spree Park with stations 1, 2, 3, 4 for ‘ a Apple Spritzer.

At 15 ° C and rain I am the loved one in a cozy Café, here I can recommend that Valentine in the Sander Straße in Berlin-Neukölln. There’s incredibly great Smörrebröd variations and a mega delicious porridge in addition to homemade cinnamon rolls.
I wanted to but ever time in the liquid Rome –that is also a good idea in all weather.

Your absolute must-have for fashion girls spring?

90s flower dress.

And the summer is…

… labor intensive! I’m just going to plan my album publication (spring 2015) and assemble just a team that can support me here. My songs are almost all completed and recorded, the work on the artwork is now. In addition, we will play some shows, as for example on June 20 in Berlin in the chocolate.
Overall, I hope to have a hot, very inspiring and motivating summer!

The favorite five Instagram pics of Laura Carbone and their related stories:

It was tea, cold air and a little hangover in Paris two weeks ago, hotter.

In December I packed a couple of friends and we went to Northern Italy on Lake Como to shoot my video to “Stigmatized”. We had 15 ° C and stumbled by a Traumlocation to the next. The days were almost surreal, the landscape, the weather and the vibe was so beautiful – in retrospect, the rotation was a fairy tale in a fairy tale.

I spend much time in the Studio to compose my songs to absorb and to develop visions. A few weeks ago moved two cats to us in the Studio and my joy was huge.

This is a bedroom in the House of my grandparents in Sicily, where I spent my summer last year. Distributed in the House icons, Madonnas, crucifixes and Christian symbols are everywhere. Earlier, when my Nonna was alive, ran throughout the day “Radio Maria”. Maybe comes therefore my fascination for these things.

Nothing is having a rest as a long ride through the W Woods, on an early Saturday morning. Very beautiful girl moderately, but as soon as you are surrounded by these creatures, many worries and thoughts are this love of the horse, as fading.

Do you have a question for us or want to get rid of something?

Love Jane’s, I find it incredibly great that you write you the GIRL POWER thing on the flag and conveys a positive image of healthy women. The company screw the standards for the woman, but also increasingly in the height – stereotypes are man for the demands and special increasingly displaced.
It of Nice that a magazine offers this Paroli as you live it, and shows that there is another way. Girl power – thank you!

Merci, Laura – thank you also for your great words! < 3