Fossil X Opening Ceremony: The Renewed Spirit of Vintage

Mark Fossil It was the starting point for everything that is today the huge multibrand group. The imposing holding specialized in watches and fashion accessories, which today manages the licenses of watch-making brands such as Armani, DKNY, Michael Kors, Adidas, Diesel, Burberry, among others.

Fossil X Opening Ceremony The Renewed Spirit of Vintage

Also, clear, collaborates with the finest designers of the fashion world to launch with its original seal watches: Fossil. It is the case of his recent collaboration with Opening Ceremony (Humberto Leon and Carol Lim) from which we select a fantastic watch that celebrates the renewed spirit of the vintage.

Different and reminiscent of a midcentury nostalgia. Those parts that take them are transformed into a permanent Declaration of passion for fashion. The proposal is presented as an eclectic ana-digi (analog and digital) of retro intention and modernist aesthetic. In a sphere that is inspired by the appearance of the famous series of watches Big Tic signature.

In a hard-hitting box 44 mm in stainless steel. Available in two combinations of colors to match with interchangeable straps. The fascinating belts -skin and silicone – which are proposed are indispensable complement of the set. In any case, this watch is compatible with all 22 mm signature straps.

Nice case of delivery already contains a additional replaceable bracelet gift. This vintage style watch is sold by 259.00 euros on the website of BRIDGAT.