Flowers Vintage and Finishes Metallized Will Be Trend in Bath This 2017

The company Bathco us back to surprise with their incredible washbasins, behind them there is a great study materials and results, the impact of these on the market and its adaptation to the decor are the latest trend in bathrooms. These have been performed with different techniques and always focused on any style with which coordinate to the perfection.

The new metallic textures give luxury baths, but at the same time make it practical and contemporary. The most noble of metals is very popular, finds his magic in different environments and no matter the decoration or the elements that surround this color.

The Vintage collection & More gives a twist to these peculiar metallic lavabos-espejos. Another option is to decorate, less striking and shocking but it continues to be paramount. As it could not be otherwise also present in these collections prints have metallic finishes. The presentation of this new collection and your catalog will be in this edition of Cevisama fair which takes place from 20 to 24 February at the fair of Valencia, inside the stand of the company Bathco.

In the new collections such as Silver Mirrors, Swarovski, Gold (lights and shadows) or Vintage & More among many others, we find basins in gold and silver that sparkle and dazzle in spaces designed for them, flowing with great naturalness creating eclectic and timeless atmospheres. Although his character is icy, also are airy and neutral, the collection Gold It will wear space faced by classical and modern elegance. Other collections as Vintage & more We invite to create a cozy chic Boho style.


Other equally compelling collections have their representation in the bathco catalogue. With fun and original drawings, forms oval, rectangular and circular, made in stone, resin and even Crystal. They filled with innovation and elegance our bathrooms to not deprive them of a decorated with much charm.