Electric Bikes Can Be Attractive and Affordable: Sondors Thin

Sondors Thin It is an electric bicycle that at first glance there’s nothing too special, nor in its design and in the technology used to propel it. But bike is presented as one of the more affordable of its flourishing market, and that is something to appreciate.

If in addition to asking us a figure more or less just for her, check it is also relatively light -is not the strong point of electric bikes-, as already earn more interest. So much talk about price and not say what it costs, because their rate in the United States begins in $500.

The first model they have distributed 10,000 units during 2015

The surname Thin describes something to the bike, and it is slimmer and lighter than the originally proposed model: in the scale are 17 kilos, It is much more than a normal bike, but that it is not bad for its features and price. The picture is of aluminum.

What is as electric bike? It is able to get to 32 km of autonomy and has a pretty decent performance, reaching a maximum speed of 32 km / h. If we decide to use a mode which assists pedaling we can reach 80 km.

The battery is 350W for the United States – 250W in Europe – and puts it Panasonic. Its creators tell us that it is technology similar to that used in the Tesla Model S, we remind you that the Japanese are those that help them with batteries.

Transmission is by belt and aluminum frame

The price has trick, since we have an initiative of crowdfunding at Indiegogo, where stands out for having achieved $ 6 million with the first model. Those 500 dollars are for who support the idea, which become 350 pounds in United Kingdom.

For international shipments the price climbs significantly to 664 dollars (465 pounds). Comment that bike arrives home in a box and you have to mount it on your own, is a relatively simple system already used by other major brands such as Canyon.

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Power of all kinds

A little reviewing the market we see that they are popping up all types of electric bikes, some with very special designs and high prices, like the Vintage Electric cross, others arrived from leading brands, such as Piaggio Wi-Bike. We have proposals that are committed to the design and lightness – KiBiSi OKO-, even any that is electric and folding: JIVR.

If we’re going to price, firms such as Decathlon offer models of ride for 650 euros. Also it is possible to transform a normal bike, but it is not very cost effective compared to the price of the Sondors.


Electric bikes news, reviews, photos and video

Electric bikes news, reviews, photos and video

Source: www.pocket-lint.com

Electric bikes news, reviews, photos and video

Electric bikes news, reviews, photos and video

Source: www.pocket-lint.com