Duravit Esplanade Collection, by Reinterpreting Luxury Vintage in The Bathroom

The German firm Duravit launched its new collection Esplanade, We could define it in a sentence as a functional nod to the past. Those times when bath was a much more vivid stay and its elements belonged rightfully to the furniture category.

Designed by by the German/Russian architect Sergei Tchoban, author among others of the Federation Tower in Moscow and the AquaDom in Berlin, reminiscences to the splendour of classical pieces are clear of the 18th and 19th centuries

With these references in mind, we find that the design of the bath, which includes the latest Spa technologies, reminiscent of a chaise longue and the basin to a luxurious comfortable.

Cup was designed with an old chair as inspiration, and the auxiliary Cabinet reminiscent of a portmanteau vintage. No shortage of luxury details like handles of hand-stitched leather with high quality chrome.

A concept that I liked enough and that the shower has no place, but with that bath would who would want to take a quick shower?

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