Collectors of Technology: When The Passion Remains Trapped in Time

“The deeper fascination of the collector is to enclose the individual object in a magic circle, while freezing this crosses you a last shiver (shiver being acquired). All the recalled, thought and known becomes socket, frame, pedestal, seal their possession”, he said about the collectors Walter Benjamin in his “book of passages”.

Collector seeks, finds, sells, buys, or simply accumulates. May that be more in relation to the way of being of each person or simply with the ultimate goal of the collector: the profitability or the art of worship without touching.

There is who collect pins, plates, bottles, pictures, films, newspapers, dolls. Throughout this report listing and more objects could pass us. Because… What is not worthy to be “collectable”?

We want to close our angle of vision a little and focus on a particular type of collecting: the of ancient technology. Although putting the surname “ancient” may be somewhat redundant. It is obvious that everything ends up being old with the passage of time and that therein lies the grace of the matter.

We have spoken with four collectors ancient technology, from the most elementary as radios o watches, to the more “current”, as consoles, Arcade, video games and notebooks. And they are who have answers to lots of questions. Only they know how a hobby with these characteristics can change you life.

The diverse beginnings of a hobby: “we started with the madness and now we could not stop”

The collector is born or made? No, really. A person can “inherit” this hobby like any other. It can also be something that is acquired over time, something that suddenly arises, you hooks little by little, and when you realize you can not take the brake.

Exactly that happened to Rodrigo Fernández, Collector’s old video games, now based in Japan.

“We were three friends who had always been interested us this world, but we had never decided to take the step. One day little more than one year ago, we traveled by car for hidden places… and we began to stop at thrift stores. And there are really good prices, so we couldn’t do anything but buy how crazed games, about 20. We started with the madness and now we could not stop”, says.

Rodrigo said that in more than one year the thing “has left him hands” to the point of having two whole shelves dedicated to this, around a 30 gameboys different and some 200 dreamcast games, among other relics.

But, as we said, it can also be a hobby inherited generation after generation, moreover, it can become a way of life in every way.

In the Centre of Madrid, very close to the plaza de Olavide, we find the Centennial watch Santolaya, which has already been 6 generations. In it, right now, is Aranzazu Santolaya, that in addition to having as main hobby collecting of antique clocks, also dedicates itself entirely to its sale and repair.

Love for one of the first types of technology that emerged, such as the clock, is something that her 26-year-old has “sucked” from the cradle.

“I collect mostly antique clocks, although I also like to buy instruments music, synthesizers, hats… but that still does not call it a collection.” All started by my family, They also collect and it is what we do”, says.

When collecting “spider” catches you among their networks it is difficult to leave. More if possible when we speak of a world whose evolution is simply dizzying, technology and exciting. There is more than thinking about mobile phones, computers or consoles that were in our hands 15 or 20 years ago. Today they are authentic vintage pieces that are paid fortunes.

It is easy to start in a world which is collecting old technology when you also a lover of any type of current technology. The circle closes.

There are pieces loved above all things

Of course, in all collection always self-respecting one-piece there are star, a “spoiled child” that will delight its owner with only contemplate it. It is usually a piece of strange, hard to find, with a high economical or sentimental value…

Either way, many collectors of them would have to tear the skin strips (or offer a huge sum of money) that release that object from its comfortable and pampered lap.

Pedro Eagle collect antique radios, a hobby that was born a child, decades ago, when it destripaba that was home to see what mysteries were hiding inside. Hence his untouchable piece is its “Telefunken Panchito” the same station that destroyed remain small. “Even though that I have is not of the same color… and for me is a challenge to find it exactly equal.” I will not stop until you get it! “, sentence.

The sentimental value is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons for “love” a piece.

Miguel Angel Pulido, is a lover of the consoles, laptops and everything to do with this type of technology. “My most juicy piece and also a source of real headaches is the” FM Towns 2 UX20. “It is a wonderful Japanese computer, a multi-frequency monitor (15, 25 and 31kh) integrated 10 inch Sony Trinitron that looks spectacular and allowed you to enjoy the games as if you had an Arcade at home.”

That itself, on the other hand Rodrigo disassemble us completely generalized behavior that we observe (that I baptize as “Theory of the beloved piece”) when he says that he has absolutely nothing untouchable because everything has a price. “More fun of collecting it is not having things if not get them!”, says.

It is clear that the wandering by places that otherwise do not you know, chat with people who share the same passion as you, search in markets… all that priceless. And that’s one of the big motivations for any collector.

Profitability vs. love

That everything has a price (or not) it is something relative, depending on each person and how to approach their hobby. And of course that the buying and selling within the collecting is a fact, but there are who see collecting as a form of pure entertainment, and who is more interested in seeing him as a way of life, make money, to sell, buy to speculate….

IE there is who is more focused on sales and profitability, while others buy and buy simply… “for the love”. The latter group is precisely Miguel Angel, that is not cut to define their way of seeing the collectors as a real” sacacuartos”.

“Really only buy. And the worst, not only buy consoles or objects that can be stored in their boxes and thus do not occupy much space. I think I have more than ten television tube, most of the more than 28 inches, monitors Arcade, pinball machines, Arcade boards… Buf! One of these days do not go through the door”, he says fun.

On the other hand, Pedro Eagle It ensures that him, the use for and personal enjoyment is limited to few selected pieces. Is that they think, as so many other collectors are in the sector that are to follow in this scene, it is necessary to maintain a small speculative margin without that is offensive or abusive. And it is completely lawful anything is part of this game of purchase – sale.

Watch out! Until Aranzazu, the young man who is dedicated to this and sells clocks in your watch from the Center, said he felt worth to sell more special parts. No one is made of stone…

“My father thinks I’m wrong head”

It is also true that this kind of hobbies, perhaps requiring an economic outlay important, a number of considerable space, etc.., they are not all included for those who do not has stung them that itch to collecting. Especially if we talk about collecting technology, where can we find devices that are not usually little ones, just…

The family, the couple, friends, can see the collector as a true Martian within his circle. And it is that when the objects with the eyes of the passion and enjoyment are not regarded, it is difficult to understand. Very complicated.

“My father thinks I’m wrong head and doesn’t sometimes lack in reason”, says Miguel Angel.

“A few years ago, when he began the” maelstrom shopping, it was less calm when it comes to search and purchase products. The first few months it was not strange to several times a week to appear the postman with some paqueton of China, Korea, Japan, Germany… I saw more the postman to my own friends, we seemed family. My girlfriend has supported me with most of my mad decisions, even by also supporting shopping dand your Pocket”, explains.

And is that not in all environments or not all people that surround us see as reasonable or understandable Collections. It is strange the great outlay money in things that in many cases do not even work, simply for the pleasure that is the accumulation of small “tesoritos”; or earn extra money to buy something at a price then resell it Another major. That profit margin is a real buzz for many.

In fact, Pedro Eagle ensures that in your environment any person has come to think that it was a sick of Diogenes. “When I speak of travel looking for possible treasures I take a crazy imagination. But my family understands me, respect me and in some sense admires me”, something that reassures him deeply”.

The boom of the vintage

The boom of the vintage razed a few years in all areas of our life. Right now it is not something that only sticks to clothing, retro aesthetics – vintage, hipsters or Malasaña. Now up to current products want to have some old air, We again see Chambers of reel (in use), and it has even become Pokemon!

It seems that confirms that that “any past was better” and that we love to watch with curious eyes how things were.

Thanks to this trend, now completely seated, is also easier to find parts Perhaps before they stayed in a storage room or that not given so much importance. Something which in turn brings with it a rising prices prices.

Then… is it easier or harder to collect now? If you have a favorable economic situation is far easier. And is that you as said before some of our collectors: “everything has a price”.

“There was a time, by 2009 or before even pulling some strings could find genuine bargain;” “such computers that you now find them peeled 700 euros and taras, you could acquire them for 300 euros with housing and virtually pristine”, says Miguel Angel. “If you reach before giving this collecting I had saved lots of money…”

The vintage and the retro they do not stop being a fashion that generates more demand doing that the revaluation will increase. This boom makes parts that had always been a price average soar… For example, it is not the same buy a Maranzt middle range now that 5 years ago, says Peter.

In addition the existence of the social networks It has helped people to become aware of the real value of objects that possess or who had forgotten in a corner of your House; even if this move also implied the substitution of the emotional component for the economic component.

Future profitability

We talked before the profitability that can have this hobby. It is not the same to collect other types of objects that collect technology. Rodrigo Fernández also believes that as such products already are not manufactured every time will be less so, as all finely mince, if the demand continues as usual (or upload) the prices they will have to climb.

“There are who complains that there is much speculator and many absurd inflation in the market, but the truth is that they are part of the game. Any way if you start a collection I do not recommend to do so moved as an investment, if not moved by your nostalgia or collecting effort”, says.

Miguel Angel is also that they believed that the profitability of this type of products Yes will continue to grow, but it should be patience and look far. “One, most of the time not timan if you do not want to be scammed. You must be so much patience for those who want to buy something in particular, as to sellers that retain their goods until they see what the optimal time for benefit.”

The daily of a collector of old technology

Did not want to close this report without before knowing, Word for Word, how these four collectors live your day by day. The existence of portals as all collections, collector’s corner, Ebay and even Amazon, make that you purchase – sale is very simple if desired, even you don’t have to move your House sofa.

That Yes, few things there so pleasurable for a lover of collectors like to stroll in search of “little treasures”, as before said Peter. Go to Street markets from different parts of Spain (or Japan, as Rodrigo!). Go in search of that long-awaited part and meanwhile lost between people, chat, share ideas, contact parts with your hands…

That is something that cannot be done through a screen, and that of course is one of the major reasons why a person becomes passionate about collecting technological. They are amazing pieces.

Rodrigo Fernández, collector of video games: “Say that it is a form of tourism, tourism of retro Hunter is”

“The fans do not I dedicate time daily, it may take 1 or 2 weeks without touching the theme and then dedicate an entire weekend to rent a car and go to” hidden stores to hunt out there. And this is the part most fun, do it in community, herd.

We get together between 2 and 5 people go to a store a day or rent a car and explore an area. We spend time to mark on maps the positions that we want to investigate and review them after the departure. Which are not good good also mark them to return once they have been renovated and mark them to return and is that after leaving us we leave them enough depleted.

This is also interesting, since you visit areas of any otherwise visit before, We say that it is a form of tourism, tourism of retro Hunter is.

Also at times free to enter in web pages, sometimes to buy things for web or simply to see how prices are going. It is very important to be always up-to-date, in this hobby many more data you have in your head and know how they walk prices best things can hunt. The real bargains are that have escaped them own sellers who listed them along with the rest of the bunch games.

Finally there is the online community, where you have acquaintances with whom you exchange games and they know that you are looking for things, and if you see them buy you them for you. At the end is a system of karma and good vibes, one us help others, the ultimate goal is to improve our collections, we don’t compete against anyone since each collection is unique.”

Aranzazu Santolaya, collector of watches: “while I dedicate is full”

“I do restore and fix watches, so while I spend them is… full. In addition, and more occasionally, I dedicate myself to buy and sell. There are other collectors who visit us often and talked about new parts etc.

I also like to go to flea markets and! Browse auctions usually!”

Pedro Eagle, collector of radios: “this hobby I have tied, is like a drug”

“For my part, I usually parts store preserved powder and moisture or exhibitors; and the time of dedication is usually between 2 or 3 hours a day. I also tend to go to markets and some chat with like minded people or who share my dream.

This hobby though it is exciting, also tends to be frustrating the loss of any acquisition. Even in my case, can be dangerous sometimes, since this hobby turns into a need for creating you even anxiety.

It is necessary to maintain a constant emotional balance, I thought more than once that this love has me bound, as if it were a drug. If there was a pill that made me forget would take it me… Although I recognize that feeling the time through a piece is something unique.”

Miguel Angel Pulido, collector of consoles, notebooks and related objects: “the heart give me a jump for joy when the telephone rings and is the postman”

“Now I am much more relaxed than when it all started.” I think I’ll have a 85% of the “gadgets” that I want and I have no rush to have them all, that subtract you Magic.

Which collects something and really enjoy this you can understand me. There is a bitter feeling when it seems that the package that you both crave never comes and gives you a brinco of joy the heart When on the screen of the mobile phone, see in shipments Locator “package delivered” or call the telephone and your colleague is the postman.

Most of what I’ve acquired over time I have at hand, in my usual address. What less usage I keep it in crates with care to not damage it and the boxes are all well protected perfectly stored in a closet. In my town I have some to other repeated Console (always a different model to which you have at home) to avoid unnecessary transport and large part of the collection of tube TVs.

It is very important that the person with whom you share your life is in accordance with what you do and how do you. This It is something that I can continue to do for the moment, because the circumstances so allow me, but money and time is something that comes and goes, so for now I will continue with this hobby. Maybe tomorrow can no longer.”